Thursday, October 3, 2019

Grant Shaffer's NY See

Here's the latest NY See panel, East Village-based illustrator Grant Shaffer's observational sketch diary of things that he sees and hears around the neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Similarly always fascinating to see folks who take their dogs to pee on other people's buildings (but never the buildings they live in).


Anonymous said...

The number of dogs on the street has reached such a high concentration that there is just puddles of pee every few yards. I am also a little tired of dodging folks eratically walking their dogs on the sidewalk. I don't mind dogs in general and let them do their thing and make way for them, it is just the sheer number that is causing me to be irritated, especially the barking in the building I live in.

Anonymous said...


There do seem to be many more dogs...

Wondering if this is because there are more people (development etc) and thus dogs?
Or that an increasing percentage of people now have dogs?

Like soup dumplings, Shake Shack and other things, perhaps there is some social fetishization of dogs?