Thursday, December 5, 2019

Former Bean space for rent on 2nd Avenue

[Photo by Steven]

The Bean's sudden departures from their spaces on First Avenue and Ninth Street and Second Avenue and Third Street on Nov. 24 took a lot of people by surprise. For starters, the coffee shops always looked crowded, and they have a loyal neighborhood following.

Owner Ike Escava told us the following: "Due to rising costs the decision to close was unfortunately the only one we could make."

Now the Second Avenue space is on the retail market. (There isn't a listing yet for the First Avenue storefront.) Here's more about 54 Second Ave. via the listing:

Amazing corner retail in the heart of the East Village. High ceilings and a no cooking infrastructure in place. Landlord will consider venting for a qualified operator. Great storage basement with walk-in, storage, etc. Very strong corner in great neighborhood. Potential for a sidewalk café and all uses are considered. Ideal for non-vented or vented food, fitness, bank, retail, salon/spa and many other types.

The asking rent is between $135 to $155 a square foot for the space, listed at 1,355 square feet.

The Bean opened here in December 2011.

The prime corner space was vacant for years, and home to the infamous "crazy landlord" who "must rent this store."

[Circa 2010]

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Felton Davis said...

Ike - thanks for leaving the wifi on!

Anonymous said...

This has all the signs of small business under capitalized over-expansion...complete with a sudden jump in prices a few months before shutting down.

Eden Bee said...

I miss the bench! If only they had not down away with the benches...

Boodiba said...

Anyone else remembered Rescued Estates, that was in that space before the Bean?

Anonymous said...

I read the per-square-foot rents the landlord demands, and in my mind I imagine the city this would be if the landlords were even 30% less piggy. I imagine how many more small businesses could make it, and how many more of us could afford to shop & dine in our local neighborhoods. A dream, I know, but dreaming is still free.

Scuba Diva said...

@Boodiba Of course I remember Rescued Estates! I have several items I bought there, including a popcorn popper!

Anonymous said...

Busy doesn’t equal profitable when your rent $10k per month that’s a lot of lattes.