Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Updated: Garbage trucks return to park on 10th Street

Two garbage trucks were spotted parked on 10th Street just west of First Avenue today (thanks to Steven for the photos!) ...

On Nov. 21, the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) was to temporarily relocate the trucks — effectively immediately — to Pier 42 along the East River for the next three months.

For whatever reasons, the trucks are back here — and during the day. In September 2018, the DSNY started using this section of 10th Street to park up to seven garbage trucks from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., including on Sundays. The DSNY no longer had use of their garage on 30th Street, and the solution was to relocate their fleet to residential blocks.

This move sparked numerous complaints from residents and merchants alike who called out the problems with the smell, noise and negative impact on business.

While the trucks were away from here for a week-plus, the "Authorized Vehicles Only" signs remained up along this corridor, reserving parking for DSNY vehicles.

Updated 2:30 p.m.

Sen. Brad Hoylman's office contacted the city. "They say that the trucks are there on a lunch break but will remain off the street overnight and on weekends, as they have publicly committed."

In a statement, the Department of Sanitation said: "Sanitation workers continue to use this facility during lunch breaks; the trucks are not parking overnight."

The Theater for the New City complex at 155 First Ave. near 10th Street was previously used by DSNY for storage, and they still maintain space in the facility for crews.

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noble neolani said...

I guess sanitation workers found a great lunch spot on the block, care to fill us all in guys?

Anonymous said...

"They say that the trucks are there on a lunch break but will remain off the street overnight and on weekends, as they have publicly committed."

This is bogus. The trucks will still have an impact on the small businesses and residents during the day. Lunch break? Crap. Sounds like an excuse given for official #Placard corruption vehicles and trucks that violate (Hey, I'm only here for a second) the bike lanes.

Giovanni said...

LOL! I told you they would be back. In fact they never really left in the first place. And of course they are just parking there for a “lunch break” because they have nowhere else to go. What Brad Hoylman forgot to tell you A few weeks ago is that the Sanitation trucks can still park in those spots wherever they want on a “lunch break,” except overnight and weekends, which leaves these spots available to garbage truck parking for the majority of the work week. That’s why they left the signs up. The truth is that is there is no permanent facility to house the trucks anymore, so DSNY will spend years playing a three card monte game of shuffling the trucks around to various on street parking spots and hope that no one notices. Consider this an early Christmas🎄 present from the City.

tom said...

Just park in city hall the mayor is not there, he is busy running for president.

Anonymous said...

He's not even running for president, figuring out what to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars his wife won't account for. You notice Al Sharpton got his million dollars "back pay" just about the same time "Mike" decided to buy the presidency. But back on topic, this is just Sanitation keeping their territory until they get moved. There is no reason for garbage trucks to be parked in a dense residential neighborhood - park them around City Hall where they double as security to prevent car bombers.