Friday, June 12, 2015

Drilling at the former 2nd Avenue BP station

We've been waiting for something construction-y to happen at the former BP station on Second Avenue at East First Street. Workers removed the iconic pumps and underground tanks in December.

The Deal Deal reported back in the fall that a new development with 50,000 square feet of condominiums and 7,000 square feet of retail is on the way. However, permits for a new building are not on file yet with the Department of Buildings. (The most recent permit is for the construction fence! Woo!)

But there is a some sort of drilling rig contraception (or is this a quinzhee?) … drilling and soil testing at the site now.

Also, is anyone going to see that Morrissey-Blondie show June 27 at the Garden?

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no meat no show

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"Drilling rig contraception?" Stuck that in there, huh?