Monday, June 8, 2015

New butt-friendly Citi Bikes on the way

[Image via Citi Bike]

Some 2,400 newly designed Citi Bikes are on the way.

Here's the Citi Bike blog with details:

The new bike was designed through a rigorous process based on an analysis of years of bike maintenance and performance records. The bikes feature redesigned, and in some cases higher-quality, parts which will improve each bike’s overall durability and the ease of repair. The bikes also feature a new seat to prevent water from pooling when it rains, a sturdier kick-stand and better gearing for urban riding. Citi Bikes will spend more time on the street and less time in the repair shop, improving the experience for every Citi Bike rider.


The new bikes were designed in a collaborative process between world-renowned bike designer, Ben Serotta, and lead mechanics from across the bike share systems that Motivate operates. Mr. Serotta’s bikes have featured prominently in many international competitions including the Olympics.

The Daily News took a new bike out for a spin, and "found the ride smoother, and the gear system easier to switch."


Anonymous said...

Most Citibikers are still an arse.

Anonymous said...

So obscene looking!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is hot.
Oh damn! Baby, I'm in love witchoo.

Anonymous said...

Most pedestrians are clueless and act like the walk/don't-walk signs don't exist. I'll just go ahead and include myself on that list. I'm generally a nice guy, but as a pedestrian I'm a tyrant.

Gojira said...

These highly suggestive seats look like they should be on bikes taking riders to that new restaurant "V".

Crazy Eddie said...

"Breaking Away" - Not!

nygrump said...

So you can scratch yr asshole and not have to get up off the seat?

Anonymous said...

Need to overhaul Citbikers instead.

Anonymous said...

If only the seats locked up the bikes at red lights.

Makeout said...

See how the seat's crooked? That's gonna hurt your taint.

pinhead said...

Shouldn't we all try to be just a little more butt-friendly? (Thanks for the reminder, Grieve.) #peace

Anonymous said...

Let's do this again.

This is till a free marketing and ad for Citi at the privacy expense of the greenwashed.

They still have not improved the egregious terms of their "Bicycle Rental Agreement, Liability Waiver, and Release"

Section 21 Waivers
“You do hereby...give Your full and unconditional consent to use at any time and from time to time, without any
restriction, Your appearance and voice in photographs, videos, and
other recordings, … for all press, promotional, advertising,
publicity, and other commercial purposes,… and otherwise record your appearance and voice, at any time and from time to time,… and… the
right to use… and exploit…, the photographs, videos.. and all related
merchandising, promotions, advertising, and publicity; and (3) waive,
release, and discharge … from all Claims that You have or may have for any libel, defamation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity….”

Then again maybe them Citibikers deserved to have their privacy invaded.

Jill said...

I can't wait to see a citibike racing in the Olympics, what with its credentials and all.