Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fasta has apparently closed on St. Mark's Place

[Photo via EVG reader Steven]

Word along St. Mark's Place is that Fasta ("Pasta Your Way") has closed at No. 36. The quick-serve restaurant between Second Avenue and Third Avenue hasn't been open since last Wednesday. Someone papered over the windows. Calls to Fasta go unanswered.

Fasta just opened on April 23. The space, however, may not be empty for long. Neighbor Jordy Trachtenberg hears that the owners will convert Fasta into a restaurant specializing in chicken.

The previous tenant, the $1.50 branch of 2 Bros. Pizza, closed in February.

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Giovanni said...

Well that was fasta. Nexta!

Anonymous said...

Giovanni beat me to it.

The turnaround on some of the places blows my mind. It has got to be some kind of a scam...whether for work visas, tax purposes, money laundering, whatevah, this it weird.

nygrump said...

Failure is all written off on taxes, subsidized by those of us who work hard.

Anonymous said...

@nygrump most of these small business owners are personally liable for their leases. A lease is a contract. A failed business means bankruptcy, destroying your credit and possible loss of all personal assets.

Their loss is not our burden. Fasta is not an investment bank and will receive no government bail out regardless of what you think you know.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here.

Anonymous said...

Agree something is up with this space that smells fishy although a fish & chips place would be a great idea.

Basta! Basta! ... said...

Another "Mom & Pop" store down the drain? No, it's not. "Small business"? "Personally liable"? Ha ha ha ha. It's an "Inc.", baby.


Sobik's Adds Toppings To Its Plate With Deal

August 15, 2002
Ultimate Franchise Systems Inc., the franchise management company for Sobik's Subs and other brands, said Wednesday that it had acquired a 29 percent controlling interest in Uptown Restaurant Group Inc. Uptown of Mesa, Ariz., is the parent of independently owned franchises of New York Burrito, One Potato Two and Fasta Pasta. It has about 70 restaurants in 20 states, including one New York Burrito in Orlando. The value and terms of the all-stock swap deal were not disclosed. Ultimate is based at Heathrow, north of Orlando.

I'm sure that they have bankruptcy "protection", so their suppliers are on the hook.

Anonymous said...

GTFO with this shopping-mall-food-court crap.

Anonymous said...

Wow the fastest tax scam I've seen yet, let's see if the can break that record with chickens!

Anonymous said...

Oh great, a corporate chain. But of course! If an investment group can't profit off of it, you can't have it. Boycott it please, in any incarnation.