Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Have you tried the Gnocco-Cafe Pick Me Up combo?

Café Pick Me Up on Avenue A at East Ninth Street closed for good after service on May 31.

The owners added the cafe portion to the other restaurant they operate, Gnocco at 337 E. 10th St. just west of Avenue B.

The combined Gnocco-Cafe Pick Me Up opened for service last Wednesday. They're serving coffee, pastries and lunch items starting at 9 a.m. before Gnocco's menu kicks in for the evening hours.

So far we've heard positive comments from readers about the space.

"I think this will be a nice addition for this block," said one EVG regular, who noted that some familiar faces from Cafe Pick Me Up are working here.

A rent hike forced Cafe Pick Me Up from its 20-year home at 145 Avenue A, which is on the market for $15,000 a month via Icon Realty …

The owners still have five years left on the lease in the adjacent space at 147 Avenue A. Co-owner Gian Luca Giovanetti told DNAinfo that they were unsure what will become of this storefront.

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Anonymous said...

Who are you, and what did you do with EVGrieve?

The real EVGrieve would never write ""I think this will be a nice addition for this block," said one EVG regular." The real EVGrieve would only quote someone complaining.

Bring back the real EVGrieve!

Anonymous said...

I plan to stop by this week. The location might be better than before, less crowded with a nicer view.