Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A partially opened gate at the Stage on 2nd Avenue

[Photo today by Steven]

There hasn't been much information about the status of the Stage at 128 Second Ave. The 35-year-old diner has been closed since March 30 here between East Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place during an ongoing legal tussle with landlord Icon Reality.

Today, though, several EVG readers noted that the gate was partially open, and a group of workers (one observer said they were wearing T-shirts for a plumbing company) were milling about out front. Another reader noted that the interior looked mostly cleared out, though the napkin holders and salt-and-pepper shakers remained on the counter.

Despite the possibly encouraging sight of an open gate, EVG correspondent Steven spotted owner Roman Diakun, who shook his head and said that there weren't any updates on the Stage's status.

In the aftermath of the deadly explosion across Second Avenue on March 26, Icon Realty accused the Stage of illegally siphoning gas, which was the basis for an eviction notice in April. Diakun has strongly denied the accusations, and sued the landlord to stop the eviction process... al the while, the diner has been shuttered.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Icon is determined to kill off Stage, like a python squeezing its prey to death. Stage has now been closed for over 5 months. B&H is back in business across the street, so it's not really about the gas lines at 128 2nd Ave., is it?

Do the residents at 128 have hot water & cooking gas? Will they have heat this winter?

This is all about Icon being exactly what we already know them to be.

Anonymous said...

Icon could help boost their awful rep by dropping all this nonsense and allow the Stage to reopen. C'mon Icon — a little goodwill after all you've done to this neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

FUCK YOU ICON, you pieces of garbage. Everything you are doing is making the neighborhood less attractive to the people that you want to purchase your product.

nygrump said...

A gas problem in this city could take 5 months to resolve especially considering the players involved. I'm sure that Icon is being helpful and forthcoming at EVERY opportunity. There is no need for Icon to show any goodwill, they already have money.

Anonymous said...

Icon is what happens when the only values you have are related to money & manipulating other people for your own gain. So, were the Icon people raised by Trump's parents, or did they graduate from Trump University? Same values, same bad taste!

Anonymous said...

100% support to the Stage, Roman and everyone there! We love and miss you!!! I know there was crowdunding a few months ago, but nothing since. Please post updates cuz we want to help!

blue glass said...

isn't there something illegal that icon is doing that some action from local elected officials (or maybe the mayor) could make icon realize that the stage is some place that the city administration cares about


the landlord that caused three second avenue buildings to be destroyed by gas explosion and fire is still walking around.

i guess that answers my question(s)

is there any hope for our neighborhood - and the city?

Scuba Diva said...

At 109:10 PM, blue glass said:

the landlord that caused three second avenue buildings to be destroyed by gas explosion and fire is still walking around.

Yeah, what about that? Isn't Maria Hrynenko being investigated? She's got blood on her hands.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scuba Diva...

"Yeah, what about that? Isn't Maria Hrynenko being INDICTED? She's got blood on her hands."

There, FIFY. And yeah, I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

I miss The Stage SOOOOOOOOO much. It seriously pains me.
Having B&H back is nice, but I need Roman's food man....I've lived off it for so many years, its like life-blood to me. To many of us....
I really really hope this gets resolved soon and The Stage is back.
I know, I know "first world problems" --but even more than me, Roman needs his livelihood back.

Anonymous said...

Guys chill. If Roman has a leg to stand on then he will win in court. If he messed up then this one is on him.

Anonymous said...


That's not how the court system works.

rnh said...

Currently there is an order to show cause stopping the landlord from terminating the Stage's lease. You can check on webcivil.

Anonymous said...

I miss Wednesday night lasagna at the Stage so much. No need to ask where our Council Person is (I never mention her nae). Missing in action after all of the hoopla-la about helping small businesses. Shame on every city official!!