Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NYPD searching for 2 suspects in armed robbery Monday night at VideoGamesNewYork

[Photo Monday via @Abysswit]

The NYPD is searching for two men they say held up VideoGamesNewYork, 202 E. Sixth St. near Cooper Square, on Monday night.

Here are more details via DNAinfo:

Police said two armed men in their early 20s entered VideoGamesNewYork ... at about 11 p.m. and struck a 32-year-old clerk over the head with a gun before stealing an undetermined amount of cash.

Video surveillance footage released by the NYPD showed the robbers holding an individual at gunpoint and dragging another person on the ground.

The NYPD released this wanted poster...

Anyone with information that could help in the investigation is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). You may also submit tips online.


nygrump said...

These late evening night spot robberies are also happening in New Orleans right now...easy pickings and there are no cops to be seen

Anonymous said...

Other than after the explosion at E 7th and 2nd I have NEVER seen a cop walking the streets in our neighborhood. I've lived here less than 4 years. Apparently that's not enough to have seen one 5 short blocks from the station. Seriously, dudes. You probably wonder why your popularity is in the toilet... We never effing see or hear about you until one of you does something really stupid and somebody dies.

Put your damned cell phone down. Yes. We see you in your cruisers checking Facebook. Not cool.

On the bright side; it's really fun to light up a joint on my way to the Q ;)

Anonymous said...

Those photos are pretty clear. Someone will recognize the pair, their clothing and report them.

Anonymous said...

Go rob a fucking chain store & leave a small biz alone you fucks!

Anonymous said...

In a civilized society, police officers would be walking the beat, as they did a generation ago in NYC. That would put a damper on street crime and make for a safer society. But in 1969 NYPD officer Frank Serpico pointed out the corruption of "New York's finest" and their modus operandi, which included demanding payoffs from local
merchants. This led to a state investigation, which resulted in, among other things, a political compromise that got the cops off the sidewalks and into their cars (not to mention into the Dunkin' Donuts shops, etc.) in, I think, around 1973.
In a free society, the gubment wouldn't have a monopoly on "law enforcement" (or whatever it actually is), and there would be competition to police the streets. Cops wouldn't be stuck in their cars and everyone would be safer. Everyone save the criminals.

And speaking of anarchy, the NYC Junto will have its monthly event
Thursday evening featuring a debate between NYU/U. of Chicago law prof. Richard Epstein, who will argue for the Constitution (conjobstitution), and the anarchist Michael Huemer arguing for anarchy. Be there at 8 pm at the General Mechanics Society library (ground floor 20 W. 44th St.). People start to congregate at 7:15 or so.

Bill the libertarian anarchist, pointing out that the 87 criminals who composed the conjobstitution had no one's power of attorney to do so

There is nobody home ... said...

Bill's dream of private "law enforcement" has partially come true in the privately run prisons of this great country. These for-profit enterprises are making life better in every way for the gubmint-free corporate entities that run them.

Bill, I look forward to your putting your best foot forward in non-gubmint law enforcement activities. Remember that when you hear gunshots, you run towards them, not away from them.

Anonymous said...

For-profit prisons are part of the crony system called crapitalism, as Gene Epstein calls it. (He is the moderator of the monthly Junto event, and will introduce the speakers this evening.) In a truly free market, there's no such thing as cronyism, because there's no gubment to dole out other people's money, a k a taxes, to third party recipients in the so-called private sector. For profit prison operators, even with their flaws, are better than the public sector.


Anonymous said...

Shhh people. We don't need to advertise to the world the flimsy police presence in our neighborhood. Maybe if we keep quiet the word won't get out that this is a fine place to commit larceny.

Anonymous said...

Libertarianism is a "closed system". It functions inside its boundaries, when not acted upon by outside forces, otherwise known as "the existing world". It could otherwise be called idealistic, in the sense that the ideas precede and seek to alter reality, as opposed to materialistic, which describes reality. It is in every way a religion.

Anonymous said...

Big up anonymous 1:40. It drives me crazy seeing cops in a cruiser, sometimes both, smart phoning the shift away. THESE GUYS GET PENSION!!!!!!!! FOR DOING NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, theoretically they are putting their lives on the line, if like they ever wanted to be bothered to do some policing. Detectives, undercovers, DEA, people going after the baddies deserve the tax payers money for their life of dangerous service. Not these overweight ass hats. The fitness of 80% of the patrolmen and women I see is disgusting to think that merits financial security for life, when they couldn't catch an 11 year old candy thief.

chris flash said...

This should go on "NYC's Dumber Criminals": These two jack-asses KNOW they're looking at the cameras capturing their images, yet they pull the job anyway.....perhaps they're looking for a "skid bid" on Riker's for the winter months (3 hots and a cot)??

Anonymous said...

So, I see and hear these criticizims of the police dept. my question is when do we all get together to STAND UP and do something about it??

My situation in this neighborhood is I was arrested and convicted of a crime I DID NOT COMMIT!!! In this neighborhood.
This precinct and the city itself is a gangster run city, take it from me I know. I grew up here in the days when it was not affectionately known as the east village but rather alaphbet city.

My earliest and most prevalent memories of the time were of the drug lines on east 7th st bet ave b and c or how about the open air drug market that existed on first ave from 9th to 10th st only blocks from your good old 9th.

Fact is this precinct, the city prosecutors office and the criminal court need to be swept clean today.
As in years gone by the corruption is rampant and something must NOW be done.

What do I say? Get out in the streets put your kids on your shoulders and take back what was supposed to be a free country. The American dream has become lost, lost to the corporations and the drive for money and profit. If the people do not act with immediacy all is destined to be lost. I will tell you, don't allow them the ability to take from you not one thing. Stand up for yourself, your rights, your community and the future of this nation. It's time to send some of these assholes to jail and time for us to take back what at one time was thought to be a great nation.