Thursday, September 24, 2015

Some walls for Mother of Pearl

[EVG photo from July]

Well, in case anyone was curious how Mother of Pearl was going to weather the cold-weather months without any walls here at East Sixth Street and Avenue A… the bar that opened in July is now apparently getting some…

Thanks to EVG reader Dale MacDonald for the photos!

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Mother of Pearl softly opens on Avenue A and East 6th Street (31 comments)


Anonymous said...

Pity. That place was unbelievably beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I just walked by the other day and noticed that they had no apparent walls. I looked at one of the employees and ask "where are your walls?"

Anonymous said...

Waaaaait a daggone minute. Is that where that velvet-roped all black glass nightclub was? Because if it is then that means bars DO go out of business in the EV :)
We'll miss you, beautifully minimalist-fronted nightclub.

equilibrist said...

@anon 5:32, yes that's where the black-lacquered bar was. But Mother of Pearl is the same owner; he just likes to redo his concepts regularly, so it's not really a going-out-of-business thing. But, I did like it that at least Mother of Pearl showed its face to the world. Windowless storefronts are just plain mean, and I hope the new walls are only seasonal (which makes me wonder how the place secured itself at night, without walls? I guess I wasn't very observant).

Gojira said...

Every time Grieve has a post about this place I then get the old Roxy Music song with the same title stuck in my head for the day.