Monday, September 21, 2015

The former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office continues slow march toward demolition

Workers erected the sidewalk bridge and scaffolding on the East 13th Street side of the the former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office two weeks ago.

They did the same on the East 14th Street side on Friday and Saturday…

As previously noted, an 8-story retail-residential building — featuring 114 apartments — will eventually rise here.

The PO closed in February 2014, though some frustrated patrons wish it had been demolished sooner.

No word just yet what impact the sidewalk bridge will have on the building's western corner…

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Anonymous said...

Most of this block is now covered in scaffolding, as the Church has put some up as well. This is the place to be if you are seeking shelter and a bed of trash to rest upon. But avoid the sidewalk grates in front of the dry cleaner on corner of 14 and A, there is a burning/chemical/toxic/hot trash smell erupting from the ground. Better off soaking in the fresh urine aroma and asbestos particles of the old post office.

Anonymous said...

Someone once told me the things you curse today will only be replaced by something even worse. I am starting to have found memories of the old P O these days with its industrial 1940's green paint and old brass mailboxes. I will not be found of the new kidult balance which will take its place. Woo!

Anonymous said...

This was a Pizza Hut
Now it's all covered with daisies
you got it, you got it

I miss the honky tonks,
Dairy Queens, and 7-Elevens
you got it, you got it

Anonymous said...

Anonomyous @ 9:58 Please tell me more about the TOXIC smell outside of the 14/A drycleaner grates. It's been terrible to walk past, no matter what time of day, for the past 2 months! Underground meth lab?