Friday, September 4, 2015

The former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office closer to demolition

Reps filed the demolition permits to take down the former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office at 438 E. 14th St. last October...

And now workers are finally erecting the sidewalk bridge and requisite netting on the former PO's East 13th Street side...

As previously noted, an 8-story retail-residential building will eventually rise here. The residential entrance will be on the East 13th Street side.

The 114-unit residential portion will include exercise and rec rooms, a quiet lounge and private dining room.

SLCE Architects are listed as the designer of record. That firm's résumé includes such high-profile projects as 432 Park Ave. (with its $95 million penthouse) and the Blue building on the Lower East Side.

The PO closed in February 2014, though the wounds of waiting for a package that just isn't there remain fresh.

H/T EVG reader dwg!

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Anonymous said...

If it's possible there's a place in the east village more loathed than the 13th Step, this is it. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Think the L train is crowded now? Wait until all these projects get finished- 2 huge complexes at 14th and A, 12th and A, 12th and B....

Gojira said...

Good, because God knows there isn't enough construction going on in that immediate area at the moment. Who wants to be able to walk on 14th street anyway, especially since it will be getting the ass-end of this latest monstrosity instead or an entrance? (OH and BTW, Grieve, I gotta tell you, the level of service at the "new" Stuyvesant station is so execrable it actually has me yearning for the old one. And no, I'm not drunk.)

Anonymous said...

The new PO up the block is horrendous. Seriously -- what the fuck is wrong with these people?? I've been to 18th Street and 23rd Street POs and they're all functioning fine. I've been to podunk NJ POs run by one clerk and that person gets a line of people done and out the door in ten minutes. Stuyvesant is so terrible it should be studied.

Anyway, re: the old post office: isn't it weird that all the windows were left open? Wouldn't that cause water damage? Does anyone care?

blue glass said...

can someone tell me why a building needs a private dining room.
isn't your apartment private enough?

Anonymous said...

With so many residential entrances on 13th it makes me think the retail entrances will be on 14th.

Anonymous said...

The new PO location is SO MUCH WORSE than the old one, that I'd rather walk the 3/4 mile to Cooper Station. Walking there and back is still faster than waiting on line at 14th Street and I deal with competent (if alternately surly or civil) employees. Stuyvesant has a level of incompetency and inefficiency rivaled by none.

Anonymous said...

Boom Boom! Where do we watch?
I've managed to avoid the new location by working from home... really disappointed to hear its worse. Any other tips in case I have to like actually leave at some point?