Monday, September 28, 2015

Blink, and there will soon be a gym at 98-100 Avenue A

[EVG photo from Friday evening]

The gym rumor for 98-100 Avenue A is true: Blink Fitness is opening a 12,000-square-foot facility here between East Sixth Street and East Seventh Street later next year, DNAinfo first reported last week.

Here's part of Blink's news release (H/T BoweryBoogie) about what will be their 11th Manhattan location:

Blink saw an opportunity to provide the area with an affordable, premium-quality fitness option for local residents. At 12,000 sq. ft., guests can expect to find top-of-the-line cardio and strength equipment and full service locker rooms, along with a crew of knowledgeable and friendly staff and personal trainers.

The club’s primary goal is to create a unique member experience through its Feel Good Experience™. This includes respectful and friendly staff, a bright and open gym using colors that are scientifically proven to enhance mood, an everybody cleans philosophy that ensures a spotless facility, and music to motivate members! Memberships in NYC are only $25 per month.

Blink, the no-frills sibling in the Equinox family, opened its first location around here in 2012 on the second floor of the former Tower Records. (The Blink entrance is on East Fourth Street between Broadway and Lafayette.)

Equinox already reportedly inked a deal to lease two floors of 98-100 landlord Ben Shaoul's incoming development on East Houston and Orchard.

As for 98-100 Avenue A, the crew seems to be working double time of late. The condo residences (33 in total) are up to the seventh floor. There are DOB permits showing a 6-floor and 8-floor building while the rendering shows seven floors.

So maybe it will end up at 9 floors.

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Anonymous said...

I knew this all along. Blink is actually a good gym given the price. It is modern, clean, and simple. Much better than overpriced Equinox or David Barton. I live two blocks away from A and 7. This would be an awesome incentive to join since it is so close. I also think this neighborhood needs at least another gym. Fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I agree. A gym here would be great.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 25 a month. You can't afford not to get in shape people.

creature said...

Affordable is welcome. I've been gym-less since Dolphin closed (I refuse to give my money to NYSC) and would consider this.

Anonymous said...

I welcome this bit of gentrification. Yeah that's right I pick and choose. Ever since the deli-grocery closed this block SUCKS. Excuse my language but it's true.

Anonymous said...

Is this one of those cuddly non-gym gyms, that caters to newbies and tries to vilify people like me because they like to hit the weights hard and regularly? Gym freaks have feelings too dammit. We don't all grunt and scream and we actually don't care about how much or how little weight you happen to be lifting or that you're a newbie or whatever. Screw this place. I got a good thing going with my ex-con lifting buddies up at Asser Levy gym.

Anonymous said...

A gym is better than another bar or over priced restaurant or another starbucks!

Anonymous said...

Yes 4:14 PM yes, you are villainous. Booooo! Hisssss!
Go away. we don't like you!! Don't forget your roids.

Hey! will this place serve cool-down piña coladas?!

Anonymous said...

I like Blink. I hope this location hurts the overchargers at NYSC and Crunch where you not only pay through the nose for membership but get harassed by trainers prowling for customers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of the commenters. I refuse to give my money to NYSC, Crunch, Equinox or Crunch, all of whom are over run with greedy membership advisors who lock you down in impossible contracts with trainers who are one you like white on rice. F them. I would rather give my $25 to Blink. This will definitely change the neighborhood, but in a good way.

Anonymous said...

To 9/30 11:28 AM anon: Blink is a subsidiary of Equinox Fitness, so your $25 is ending up in the same pockets. Hope you still feel all warm & fuzzy now that you're supporting this corporation which will probably soon discover favorable enough demographics to open a Soul Cycle (also owned by Equinox) in your favorite mom & pop's current location.

Anonymous said...

Equinox Fitness is a subsidiary of the Related Companies, the largest owner of luxury residential properties in New York; developer of the Time Warner Center and Hudson Yards; valued at over $15 billion. The chairman and CEO, Stephen Ross also owns the Miami Dolphins. Google it and have fun deciding which is the better gym to give your money.