Friday, September 4, 2015

Developing: Uni K Wax Center sign is on its way up; lime green and violet never looked so good

Anyone who things the Friday before Labor Day is a slow news day, well — you're wrong.

This morning, crews are carefully putting into place the Uni K Wax Center signage here at 120 Second Ave. near East Seventh Street... behold the pleasing lime green-violet color combo...

The waxing center has also nailed the three most important qualities when it comes to waxing — all natural, safe AND affordable, at least in the opinion of this blogger.

As previously noted, the address here is returing to its spa roots. After a short-lived time as the froyo spot Twister, the storefront housed a Spa Belles.

Updated 12:03 p.m.

And ta-da!

[Photo by EVG waxing correspondent Steven]

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Anonymous said...

Dude inquires: "How much for a Brozillian?"

Makeout said...

"For men & women". What about surfboards?

Anonymous said...

the sign looks like a fro-yo sign