Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Looking at the incoming East Village Cheese shop on East 7th Street

Several people have asked us if we know when the new home of East Village Cheese will open on East Seventh Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Unfortunately, we haven't heard any updates. (Have you?) The sign on the window here at 80 E. Seventh St. says "coming soon August 2015." And the Shop doesn't have any social media presence offering updates. The phone is also not in service now.

Anyway, here's a look inside the storefront yesterday…

… and the sign from Third Avenue looks to be going up here as well …

The cheese shop's lease expired at the end of July at its longtime home at 40 Third Ave. between East Ninth Street and East 10th Street. In January, we heard that the Duane Reade on Third Avenue at East 10th Street was going to expand into adjacent storefronts on that block, forcing out several businesses, including East Village Cheese.

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Anonymous said...

And now there's a rumor Duane Reade will not take over those Third Ave. spaces. Perhaps they couldn't hire enough disinterested, barely competent staff.

Anonymous said...

Say cheese!

Anonymous said...

they were originally saying two week from closing (so mid-August). and their sign say August, which is over. so hopefully they are still opening, and not just bailing.

nygrump said...

I would imagine working for the Duane Reede corporation is very poor experience, and while they may seem disinterested to the first poster, they have to deal with the public, and if you can imagine having to deal with people like us posters all the time, nevermind the insane and stinking (some of us might fit that bill) it might explain their attitude. But DOnald TRump will fix everything and make it really good.

Anonymous said...


Donnie Moder said...

You just can't run a cheap a$#!! store in nyc anymore. No gray market goods. No cash only toavoid tax (everyone wants to pay with credit card even for a $1.29 purchase). Minimum wage $15. There is no time for people to bargain shop. A specialty bargain cheese shop? College kids are willing to pay $15 in to line up for this Liquidteria cr$!#%p.

Scuba Diva said...

On September 1, 2015 at 6:16 PM, Donnie Moder said:

College kids are willing to pay $15 in to line up for this Liquidteria cr$!#%p.

We all know that most college kids are artificially wealthy; just wait until they graduate with their B.F.A. from SVA or doctorate from NYU's psychology department and then try to land a job at Duane Reade.

Anonymous said...

I shopped there last two week twice.
First week, I noticed that sliced cheese in plastic wrap has a mold, and told the girl @ cashier.
Second week, I bought bag of financier and found a lots of mold in the bag.
I brought them back ask for the refund. No apologies, giving me a rolled eyes.

The workers are chatting all the time, nothing interest their product, I think.

Hope the owner reads this comment soon before Department of Health catch them.