Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week in Grieview

[Cute cat photo by Derek Berg]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

123 Second Ave. is for sale (Monday) ... and here is the listing (Friday)

Progress at Astor Place (Tuesday)

Asking rent for the former Stage Restaurant — $15,000 a month (Wednesday)

Car jumps curb, collides with Dunkin' Donuts on First Avenue (Friday)

Douglas Steiner's luxury condos growing up quickly on Avenue A and East 12th Street (Monday)

Residents at 37 Avenue B are still looking for their 'fair share' of the rent from Credit Union (Thursday)

Out and About with Parker Dulany (Wednesday)

Yuca Bar is back open after fire at 133 E. Seventh St. (Friday)

Daniel Delaney proposing Delaney Barbecue for First Avenue (Tuesday)

EV heave: Regal Cinemas debuting 4DX at Union Square on March 25 with 'Batman V. Superman' (Monday)

Half the size but still Fabulous at Fanny's (Wednesday)

New frame shop for Third Avenue (Thursday)

Owners of Eleven B propose to open a Mexican restaurant in the former Mercadito space on B (Friday)

On East Sixth Street, TonkatsuYa is in soft-open mode (and Awash has a new awning) (Wednesday)

Someone stole this poster from Theatre 80 (Thursday)

A pop-up gallery arrives at 95 Avenue B (Saturday)

The former Bago space is for rent on First Avenue (Monday)

'Snowflake dessert' coming soon to Second Avenue (Tuesday)

St. Mark's Place without the Trash & Vaudeville signage; No. 4 in contract (Friday)

Avenue A sinkhole no longer sinking (for now) (Thursday)

Former bar turns into an architect's office on East 13th Street (Monday)

Rent the former Cock space on Second Avenue (Thursday)

At the former home of the Broadway flea market, condos will cost upwards of $22 million (Friday)

Second Avenue residential complex now complete with renderings on the plywood (Thursday)

Epically launching 100 Avenue A (Wednesday)

... and for everyone who says that we don't have enough motorcycle coverage here...

[Photo on Avenue A by Derek Berg]


Gojira said...

Wow, those are quite some ape hangers! Shoes don't match the bike tho.

Anonymous said...

that cat is all of us

Anonymous said...

I have a cat. And I love this picture. I need to get one of those. What a cute idea.

Anonymous said...

Wow who's the Stud muffin on the ride he can Rev me anytime xx