Thursday, July 14, 2016

East Fifth St. Tree Committee takes action after downed limb strikes car

A reader passes along word that a large branch — "assumed to be broken off by lightning" — fell on top of a car on East Fifth Street between Second Avenue and Cooper Square.

The downed branch was spotted by a member of the East Fifth Street Tree Committee, who notified the FDNY. Firefighters, who happened to be on the block responding to a reported gas leak on the block, removed the tree parts that had covered the car.

The Tree Committee member contacted the Parks Department, "who quickly sent someone to take photos and assured the block residents that the tree parts would be removed by morning."


Anonymous said...

If it had been broken off by lightning, there would have been no need to assume it. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was the wind, not lightning.

Anonymous said...

Kinda cool that 5th street has a Tree Committee. Do they only look after trees on East 5th?

Anonymous said...

There is a wonderful woman who lives on the block that has helped tend to these magnificent trees for over 3 decades. They are watered, nourished and cared for by her and various helpers over the years. I am not sure if that is the official tree committee or just what they are called casually. Whatever they are called these trees have been nurtured under her/their care into some of the biggest, fullest, most beautiful trees in all of the EV.

Carol from E. 5th Street said...

That "wonderful woman" who has nurtured the trees on East 5th Street is the one who handled this incident with her usual vigilance. The East Fifth Street Tree Committee is spear-headed by her and consists of a group of volunteers who help her as the needs arise. Yes they only tend the trees on East Fifth Street but also keep an eye on trees on Second Avenue and Cooper Square off East 5th Street.

If you look at the points on the tree where the branches broke it is obvious that they did not just fall off because of the wind or rain. The branches were very thick (4:-6" diameter) and even a heavy coating of snow or ice on the trees could not cause these thick branches to break. As we were not out in the midst of the storm we cannot definitely confirm it was lightening that caused the break but it was the only cause we could imagine (short of someone climbing the tree and bouncing up and down on the branch during the storm - highly unlikely)

Anonymous said...

The 5th Street Tree Committee is all volunteer. They could use some contributions for soil, gardening tools, repair of tree guards, etc. I hope someone here can provide a name and address for contributions.

Anonymous said...

10:04am for tree guards, Ebay for new & used gardening tools, and buy soil at a bulk discount from a city florist or out of the city.

Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to make a donation or drop of soil, or even a helping hand:

East 5th Street Tree Committee
Attn: Janne
228 East 5th St
Garden Apt
NY,NY 10003

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this young tree could not survive the damage and the Parks Dept. had to cut it down.
Donations for a new tree are welcome!