Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Time for new socks, and a store: Sock Man sighting on St. Mark's Place

The Sock Man, aka Marty Rosen, has been busy prepping his new storefront at 99 1/2 St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue for business.

As we first reported last Thursday, The Sock Man is returning to St. Mark's Place after a rent increase forced him to close his longtime home at No. 27 between Second Avenue and Third Avenue back in January.

Rosen hopes to be open in the new space by Aug. 1.

Thanks to Steven and Michael Cummings for the photo!

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Anonymous said...

He looks a bit like the young Ozzy Osbourne.

Mike Cummings said...

Great photo!
Michael Angztek on Facebook.

DrBOP said...

Well I'm not so sure about that pic....
Hair combed.
Clean clothes.
New shoes.

Considering the UPscaling neighborhood, I'm thinking it's gonna be The Argyle Sock Man pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! A bit further afield for me, but worth the walk . . .

NycPunk13 said...

When is the new store opening? I need a new fishnet top.
~Bam Bam (Mistress Evil)