Wednesday, March 2, 2016

East Village now minus 2 beverage distributors

The beverage distributor housed inside 188 E. Second St. between Avenue A and Avenue B is gone... and now the single-level, 2,600-square-foot space is available to a retail-commercial tenant...

[Image via Leslie J. Garfield]

Per the listing at Leslie J. Garfield, the monthly asking rent for the raw space is $13,000. For now, the property isn't being offered as any kind of development site.

Back in 2013, the address was home to an Urban Etiquette Signage Campaign between neighbors and the beverage company. Residents said that the building housed rats. Not so, said the beverage people, who noted they frequently had the property exterminated. Per the sign left for neighbors: "If you see rats going in or out it means they're just passing to or from other places."

Meanwhile, further east on Second Street... the Houston Street Beer Distributors between Avenue C and Avenue D has left the building, as BoweryBoogie noted yesterday.

We first reported back in September 2014 that the one-story warehouse was for sale. Per the listing:

It is located in an R8A zoning district with an FAR of 6.02 (approx. 15,941 SF) or up to 7.2 FAR with Inclusionary Housing designated area bonus (approx. 19,066 sq. ft.) This prime development site is across the street from Hamilton Fish Park and a branch of the New York City public library, offering unobstructed southern exposures.

A new development would enjoy sweeping views of downtown and midtown Manhattan, Williamsburg, LIC and more.

The asking price was $8.9 million. According to public records, it sold for a little more than $7 million last fall to 298 East Village Owner LLC with an East Ninth Street address.

To date, there haven't been any any work permits filed for this property, which sits adjacent to two other new developments — The Adele on East Houston and Avenue D and The Robyn on East Third Street near Avenue D.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not a beer store!

Anonymous said...

At this rate of business closings, there will not be ANY businesses in the EV within six months. It looks like the EV business bubble is bursting, getting a reality check.

Anonymous said...

no more cheap beer, just $14 mixologist cocktails