Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dorian Grey Gallery space is for rent on 9th Street

The now-empty gallery space is on the market here on Ninth Street between Avenue A and First Avenue...

Per the Sinvin listing:

Ground Level: 650 SF (approx)
Storage Basement: 300 SF
• Eclectic and busy East Village street close to Tompkins Square Park
• Perfect for either boutique retail or restaurant
• Landlord will vent and install grease trap for food tenant

The asking rent is $7,900.

Gallery rep Molua Muldown told us last month that they were unable to come to terms on a lease with the new landlord (Benchmark Real Estate Group). Dorian Gray has a pop-up gallery space in Watermill for the summer.

Thanks to Steven for the photos

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Anonymous said...

Busy East Village street unless you happen to be trying to run concept restaurants across the street, any of kind of deli or an art gallery ...

We also had one boutique retail store just go under on 9th St. off 1st Avenue, (you know, next door to the deli that just went under in less than ... 3 months?) only to be replaced almost instantly by another boutique retail store.

Do your market research, people.

Anonymous said...

Some things are more precious because they don't last long.

Anonymous said...

Just like Midtown S ... uh, the East Village, I mean.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain these small or not-so-small variety stores that have been sprouting recently? There's one on First Avenue between 9th and 10th. A new one opening on First between St. Mark's and 9th. One that had a brief life on 9th St. between First and Second Aves. What is their business plan?

Anonymous said...

Au revoir, Dorian Grey. I will miss your shows, which were a great asset to the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Not another food place..please...