Thursday, August 3, 2017

Baron's Dim Sum gives way to Tasty Garden on 6th Street

[Photo from April]

After just a few months in business, Baron's Dim Sum has closed at 518 Sixth St. here between Avenue A and Avenue B. Paper arrived on the front windows a few weeks back... and a new name and concept has arrived in the form of Tasty Garden...

..which is also going to offer a variety of dumplings as well as spicy wontons, per the signage. (Not sure if Baron's just switched up names or if new operators took over. The phone numbers are different.)

No. 518 has been home to a number of quickly-closing businesses in recent years ...including a psychic... and an organic dry cleaner/cafe.

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Anonymous said...

Baron's Dim Sum was one strange place. Nice people running it but no business sense to speak of. I went in a couple of months ago on a Saturday to get a steam bun as was advertised on their sign. They said "no steam buns on weekends, only Tuesday" which they repeated when I couldn't understand that. Anyway I ordered some dumplings which were freshly made. The dumplings were decent but very dense and not heavily spiced so they became boring to eat. The store was arranged more like someone's kitchen and not a business which made it uncomfortable when more customers arrived. Some of the new customers left without ordering. I met some friends later and said that I would be surprised if the store lasts the summer. Well, it didn't.