Monday, March 11, 2019

Good Records NYC is closing, though the shop will continue to sell vinyl as Stranded Records

[Image by Arlene F. via Yelp]

Used and vintage-vinyl dealer Good Records NYC is closing on March 24 after 14 years in business.

However, on April 1, Stranded Records, a like-minded San Francisco-based shop that runs the Superior Viaduct label, will take over the space at 218 E. Fifth St. between Second Avenue and Cooper Square.

Good Records owner Jonny Sklute explains in an Instagram post from Saturday:

Lots of things will remain the same. most of the staff is staying. most of the inventory is too. Stranded will honor Good Records gift certificates and trade credit for a period of 3 months — through the end of June. most importantly, there will still be vinyl records to dig and purchase and add to your collections, in the same bins, at the same location.

On a personal note: we had a great run in the greatest city, and it could not have been done without YOU. big up to all our customers, from the daily and weekly regulars to casual stoppers-by; all current and former staff, friends, allies, plugs, and simply great collectors from across the globe; thank you for making us your favorite, year after year, from 3rd Street to 5th Street, from the well-worn classics to the new discoveries to the wtf-unclassifiable; thank you for the laughs, the knowledge, the stories, the good vibes, and of course, your hard-earned purchases.

thank you for making our little shop a special and unique place in a world of rapidly increasing homogeneity. thank you for knowing and proving that vinyl is valid and dope and real and worth millions of dollars, long before big corporations agreed with us or saw reason to exploit those facts.

I am moving on, but the platter keeps spinning. I look forward to releasing more music on my new imprint — @thekeysystem — and working with Superior Viaduct on this transition and other creative endeavors.


Anonymous said...

Superior Viaduct are fine folks, and I'm glad that they are good records are staying in good hands.

The Stranded shops in San Francisco and Oakland are good, in person and via mail order — and what amazing releases they put out!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful store and the people are really nice. We wish them all well wherever they go.

Anonymous said...

A very sweet farewell. The neighborhood's loss.