Monday, March 11, 2019

Hanoi House expanding on St. Mark's Place

For starters, the Hanoi Soup Shop signage is now up at 115 St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue.

As Eater first reported in late December, the operators of the Vietnamese restaurant Hanoi House at 119 St. Mark's are opening a soup-centric cafe in this spot. (Past tenants at No. 115 include the pop-up shop Mr. Bing, Water Witch Mercantile, Box Kite Coffee and the Tuck Shop.)

Meanwhile, they also plan to expand into the empty storefront next door to their current restaurant ... (this space was previously Five Tacos). The owners are on tonight's CB3-SLA docket for a liquor license for this space... the CB3 notice states the alteration here will include a new entrance, host desk, bar and waiting area...

According to their plan via the online questionnaire at CB3's website, the building's landlord will open the walls between the two spaces so that patrons can enter the restaurant from the waiting area. The landlord will "create a new residential corridor on the west side of the expanded space."

That expanded space will include an eight-seat bar and six-seat dining area.

Hanoi House opened in January 2017. Based on the expansion, business must be pretty good... Eater noted "it soon became packed for its hip vibes and uncompromising flavors" ...

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abfus said...

So happy for these guys. Not only is the pho absolutely incredible (I've even converted a few pho-skeptics off the strength of Hanoi's broth), but the owners and the staff are all some of the nicest, most accommodating people in the neighborhood. Can't wait to try the new cafe!

Anonymous said...

I second that this place is phenomenal and true, Vietnamese cuisine. Pho with bone marrow is phabulous.