Monday, April 1, 2019

A reminder that H Mart is coming to 3rd Avenue

We've been waiting for word of H Mart's arrival in the long-vacant shops along the base of NYU's Alumni Hall on Third Avenue between Ninth Street and 10th Street.

There's now a new "coming soon" banner for the Asian-American supermarket on display...

We first spotted the branding for H Mart here last August. Still no exact opening date for the chain, based in Lyndhurst, N.J. This will be the third H Mart in Manhattan (the others are on West 32nd Street and Broadway on the Upper West Side). Overall, H Mart has more than 70 outposts in the United States and Canada.

H Mart is taking the place of the former Birdbath and Citi Habitats office. Both of these businesses left in the summer of 2014. ... and the storefronts have sat empty ever since.

While we're over here... the departure date for Metropolis Vintage has been pushed back from April 1 to May 1...

As we first reported on Jan. 2, Metropolis is moving to a larger space at 803 Broadway near 11th Street after 23 years at 43 Third Ave.

[Photo by Steven]

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Metropolis Vintage is on the move to a larger space nearby on Broadway



Bubble Tea as far as the eye can see.

Unknown said...

Have you ever been to an H Mart? Amazing place full of interesting produce, kitchen supplies and kimchi. Not bubble tea.

Sarah said...

People were thrilled when the H-Mart moved in on the UWS. I'm very happy with this news.

Gojira said...

A Trader Joe's at 14th and A and an H Mart on 3ed and 10th - yes, Gojira is one happy kaiju!