Thursday, July 11, 2019

Closings: Pie by the Pound wraps up 17 years on 4th Avenue

[Image via Facebook]

After 17 years of selling pizza by its weight, the appropriately named Pie by the Pound has closed on Fourth Avenue between 12th Street and 13th Street.

June 30 was the shop's last day.

Here's part of the message from owner Jeffrey Reiss on Facebook:

It is time to say goodbye😭🙁😢. I want to thank the local community and beyond for supporting us and who have been our fans until the end. I will deeply miss the vegetarian, vegan and especially the Gluten Free Communities. Such beautiful memories of all the families and kids and my staff....that will last a lifetime. I will miss this place. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.


A regular told us that the lease was up, and Reiss wanted to pursue other opportunities.

H/T Kat!


Anonymous said...

17 years? It feels like far less.

noble neolani said...

I love pies in general, sweet or savory but never stepped foot in this place because believe it or not... I was not sure what they sold. Too obvious name to really be about pies? No mention of what type of pies they sold, none that I could see. Perhaps I was not their target customer or maybe I just over think things.

noble neolani said...

oh, they sell pizza, never mind my last comment.

Anonymous said...

I had a bad date here during the late fall of 2011 with a guy I met on Craigslist. He lied about his age, weight and appearance. I was miserable for the entire forty-five minutes, yet I thoroughly enjoyed the pizza. I ordered numerous slices of different flavors and ate while he talked about himself. It was the only redeeming part of the evening. I have always thought of this spot has a novelty. I am sad to see it go :(

Anonymous said...

Had some good ounces here. Farewell.

Anonymous said...

This sucks. How come all of the good places are becoming extinct?

tom said...

I never liked going here, not that the food was bad but. Pizza by the pound made me think too much of my own weight. I do miss Viva Pizza on 2nd ave between 11th and 12th. Where Mimi’s dumpling is currently.

Unknown said...

I returned from summer travels to find Pie closed, and am sad! I’ll miss the best gluten-free pizza anywhere and also the warm, caring community feeling created by Jeffrey and the staff. The restaurant embraced not only the GF and vegan communities, but neighborhood kids, school children, game players, artists and more. I valued my visits there for all these reasons. Thank you, Jeffrey, and the wonderful team you built, for wonderful meals and good times. Best wishes. I hope you open a new venture. If so, be sure to let us know.