Saturday, July 6, 2019

Holiday weekend Saturday in Tompkins Square Park

Quiet day in Tompkins Square Park... and the heat index is in the mid-90s, which was also a pretty good movie.

Photo by Lola Saénz


Unknown said...

Before the real estate developers, NYU students and hipsters invaded the neighborhood TSP would be packed 24/7 on a hot day like this. Very few people had AC or the money to go out of NYC on holidays.

cmarrtyy said...

Long holidays, money, hot and cold weather are a great prescription for emptying out the city now a days. Any excuse will do... But the park was beautiful Saturday. I did some work listening to 2 guitarist play for an hour and a half.

Anonymous said...

So agree with 2:35 pm because there are zero photo's from the 19th/20th centuries showing an insane amount of people crowding the beaches of places like Coney Island. Absolutely zero.