Monday, July 8, 2019

Petition to 'Save Tompkins Square asphalt!' closing in on 19,000 signatures

The petition opposing the city's plan to cover the concrete courtyard (aka TF) with synthetic turf in Tompkins Square Park has received overwhelming support in just one week.

As of this morning, nearly 19,000 people had signed their name to "Save Tompkins Square asphalt!"

As we reported last Tuesday, the city has plans — apparently only known to residents who may have attended a Community Board committee meeting in May — to cover the multipurpose courts in the northwest corner of Tompkins Square Park with synthetic turf, a move that surprised and upset a major user of that space since the 1980s — skateboarders.

"While this might look like some flat concrete to a lot of people, this place holds a really deep and sacred importance to thousands of skaters and young people who come together to use this park on a daily basis," East Village resident Adam Zhu, who started the petition, told NBC New York.

The turf project, happening at several area parks, is a result of the city's flood-protection plan that will close East River Park next March for 3.5-plus years. The city needs to find space for the sports teams and youth leagues who use the fields along East River Park.

Turfing the asphalt will also displace other groups here in the corner at Avenue A and 10th Street, including the 400 members of the BlackTop Street Hockey League who use the space on Sunday afternoons.

There is word of a meeting set for early this week between reps for the skateboarders and the Parks Department.


The story has also been picked up by Patch ... the Post ... and Fox 5.

You can find the petition here.

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Anonymous said...

Why or how rather can't we get this many signatures with a petition against the demolition of east side river park?

Anonymous said...

"Skate straight and let the kids have their say."

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree - the real issue is the demolition of the East Rive Park that has received far too little attention and activism. Email Council Member Carlina Rivera and insist that she vote "No" on de Blasio's TERRIBLE East River Resiliency Project

cmarrtyy said...

Vox Populi. The voice of the people! It's about time we came together. But we need more. And if you can, email Ruin-The-EV-Rivera about her vote on the East River Park. It's really the same issue. This may be the issue to stop the ONE PARTY RULE abuse of the EV. EMAIL! EMAIL!! EMAIL!!!

Eden Bee said...

Chloe Sevigny posted the petition on her instagram page..I think she got a ton of people to sign it.

Anonymous said...

The city wishes to destroy east side river park for the sake of private and foreign investments under the guise of supposed environmental need and preservation. Bullshit. If this is so dire, why is the east side river park the only area up on the chopping block? The west village is prone to flooding. What will they do? Why don't they have the same plans as for the east side? Why not the upper east side as well or south street seaport? Why is it at the town meetings on these proposals, the team of engineers and architects fail to address how this will be effective or it's completion. Do they have any regard for hundreds of trees? The neighbors who rely on this land as a respite from urban living or the athletes who jog miles each day to stay in shape taking in the beautiful view? Building new properties on this elevated land is a colossal mistake. It is their only incentive without logic or research It's an inside job. Much like 9/11 which is another story for another day. I am ashamed to refer to DeBlasio as our mayor and Caroline Rivera as our city council. They both seem to be seduced by greed, affluence and power. Congrats to these two for undermining and fucking up our neighborhoods for their own personal gain. Good job! And lastly, I feel bad for the kids who skateboard here. They too need a place to go and unwind without hiring anyone else. The entire situation is maddening. And yet here we are as the citizens paying the most taxes out of any city in the US. I am tired of the internal corruption.

Anonymous said...

How the FUCK is this East River Park shutdown happening? This is some deep corrupt Bloomberg Washington Square Park type shit to turn it generic and monied.

Anonymous said...

I was the commenter from 4:20. I noticed two errors. I failed to say that the completion date is indefinite given the amount of time and money it will take to finish in spite of being told it will take only three years which is BS. Also, I meant to say the skateboarders aren't hurting anyone. Not hiring lol :)

Love this blog btw. Great place to voice our opinions.

Anonymous said...

The City built a large skateboard park under the Manhattan Bridge in lower Manhattan which whenever I walk past it always seems to be filled with skateboarders so I am not concerned about them. The real issue here is the massive reconstruction project planned for the East River Park which will close the park to the people of the LES/EV for 3 to 4 years. That is the real travesty.

Anonymous said...

Seems lots of people talking about the east river park and that’s about it. Perhaps if you loved that park as much as skaters love to skate you might actually have a list of signatures.

If it’s the bitching you all love so much, lol.

Anonymous said...

Ouch to the last commenter: 12:33 AM. This is called EV Grieve. We are all here to bitch and grieve. Hello.

And yes the east river park is the bigger discussion because it is a much larger project with lasting impact and no one has collected signatures. Perhaps someone will see our comments and do something :)

Anonymous said...

Better question: Will anyone please share a link to a petition?

Anonymous said...

Just got this, re East River Park:


In a letter to the City Gale Brewer writes:
"I am concerned that ESCR has had an insufficient amount of time for
meaningful community review, and that many core questions remain
unresolved in the lead-up to the upcoming City Planning Commission's
(CPC) hearing and vote that are scheduled for late September 2019."

As Manhattan Borough President, she has the right to ask for a delay.
Her letter continues:
"The accelerated timeline and the sudden transformation of the plan
forced Community Boards 3 and 6 to review a vast amount of documentation
over an insufficient amount of time. In light of the new plan set forth
in September 2018, it is imperative that CPC provide a 60 day delay in
their hearing and vote in order for further community outreach to answer
the profusion of questions and consult with independent environmental

This should be regarded as a victory for our community, however
temporary. It gives us breathing room, and time to consider our options.
It also shows that our concerns are seriously being considered by our
elected officials. Thank you, Gale Brewer.

The East River Alliance is meeting to discuss the ESCR this Wednesday,
July 10 at 6:30 pm at Green Oasis Garden, 370 E.8th St between Aves C &
D. It is important to be there and discuss where we now now stand and in
what direction we should go

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Anonymous said...

There are two links to the petition in the post. The word petition is hyperlinked in the first sentence. And look at the last sentence in the post where it says Find the petition here. Click on the word here.

Anonymous said...

@July 9, 2019 10:47AM

Apologies, I was asking about a petition for East River Park.