Friday, September 6, 2019

A new-look storefront emerges on 7th and B

Many readers have pointed out the ongoing renovations in the storefront on the southeast corner of Seventh Street and Avenue B.

Jillery, the jewelry and home accessories shop, vacated the corner space in late May 2018.

And the space has been behind plywood in recent months.

There's a for rent sign up on the window...

Not sure what might be next. Perhaps this Flashback Friday quote when Jillery moved in might offer a clue. The president of the board of directors of the co-op here told me this in 2013: "Our co-op is very proud to have rejected chain stores, banks, bars and loud food establishments. We are proud to have chosen a local business like Jillery who has been in the neighborhood for many years ..."

Thanks to Steven for the bottom three photos!

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Anonymous said...

Oh.. If ONLY they would do the same for the storefront on the NW corner of 4th and B. PLEASE!!