Thursday, September 12, 2019

Report: Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz sell East Village residence

The Post reports that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have sold their East Village residence for $6 million.

Jennifer Gould Keil notes that this was the same price they paid for the 15th-floor unit in the New Theatre Building at 240 E. 10th St. at First Avenue in 2012.

The couple apparently bought a townhouse in Brooklyn early last year.

Current residents of the New Theatre Building have been enduring the sanitation department's parking lot along 10th Street this past year.

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Anonymous said...

Eh? Thought they lived in the top of the St Marks Market building.

Giovanni said...

@10:12AM No, that would be Helen Mirren and her husband Taylor Hackford who live on St. Marks Place. As it turns out, even the actor who plays James Bond can't deal with all the garbage trucks parked on 10th Street anymore.

As I have said before, this situation will not change until Sanitation can find the land on which to build a new garage, and that process could easily take a decade. The Dept. of Sanitation has foolishly squandered other locations while doing a bunch of fancy real estate deals which have now blown up in their faces.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I had heard that too. That it was temporary and it was Helen Mirren’s apartment. I forgot where I got that information. But I constantly saw Daniel in St. Marks a lot. It’s sad they decided to move out.

Anonymous said...

many are fleeing the EV and leaving it to the yoohoo girls and their frat bro counterparts and all their collective NYU bottomless brunch and all around suburban Ohio based messiness