Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Whatever happened to the former Heathers space on 13th Street?

[EVG file photo]

Two retail spaces recently arrived on the market at 506 E. 13th St. between Avenue A and Avenue B...

Per the listing:

Brand new, mint-condition, white-boxed space with floor-to-ceiling windows (full glass front), exposed brick, recessed lighting, new hardwood flooring, partial kitchen (however no food establishments, please), renovated bathroom. Open floor plan with tons of potential. Similarly-finished but smaller second space also available next door (same address).

The rent is $107-$118 a square foot.

The larger of these spaces (the storefront on the west) was home for eight years (under two different owners) to Heathers, a bar-lounge hotspot of sorts that attracted plenty of press during its time here.

Heather Millstone opened Heathers in 2005, and the bar quickly became a lightning rod for noise complaints. (The Times had a lengthy article in January 2007 about the ongoing noise issues between the bar and neighbors.) There was also plenty of CB3-related drama for Heathers with its liquor license in the fall of 2011.

New owners took over the bar during the summer of 2012 ... and the place abruptly closed in October 2013.

Post Heathers, the space has been on and off the market these past five years. I can't recall any business being in the space during that time.


Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to open here. Not worth the hassle.

Anonymous said...

Heathers was one of my all time favorite bars in NYC: the space, the bartenders, the music, the crowd were all A+.