Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week in Grieview

[A Teen Vogue photo shoot on Avenue A via Derek Berg]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

Man ODs in Tompkins Square Park (Tuesday, 78 comments)

Resident: July 4 collision highlights dangerous East Houston-Avenue B/Clinton Street intersection (Thursday)

A memorial for Alton Sterling on Avenue A (Wednesday)

Dorian Grey Gallery space is for rent on Ninth Street (Tuesday)

Out and About with London (Wednesday)

Time for new socks, and a store: Sock Man sighting on St. Mark's Place (Wednesday)

New First Avenue Ess-A-Bagel will have a TOASTER (Wednesday)

Raphael Toledano selling six of his East Village buildings (Friday)

The new Shops on East Fifth Street are ready for retail (and a coffee shop) (Friday)

An updated facade at Ray's (Saturday)

Looking at the new residential building for 13th Street and University Place (Tuesday)

OK, who left a cab here? (Thursday)

Picturesque New York City Marble Cemetery getting a Citi Bike docking station out front (Thursday, 50 comments)

This may have a chilling effect on the rat population in Tompkins Square Park (Thursday)

Rose&Basil bringing truffles, breakfast jars and coffee to Seventh Street (Wednesday)

Santos Variety Shop is closing on Avenue C (Tuesday)

Watermelon-tossing assembly line (Friday)

The Dahlia's space will be converted into a salad bar (Friday)

Seventh Street residents angered after developer cuts down the wrong tree (Friday)

La Contrada now open on Second Avenue (Tuesday)

Neighborhood alert for the Third Street Rose Snipper (Monday)

Hanging out on Bodypainting Day (Saturday)

... and one of Christo and Dora's new kids (they grow up so fast) learns to hunt. The pigeon got away...

[Photo yesterday by Bobby Williams]


Anonymous said...

LOL @ that photo shoot. 1977 is over, idiots.

Anonymous said...

"Retro" is never over, idiot.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:58 PM Probably the same kind of typical hypocritical asswipe who decries when another small independant East Village vintage clothing store gets run out of town.


Lay off the kids modeling. They're paying homage to an era a lot of us miss. I appreciate their interest and creativity.

Gojira said...

I prefer teens who look like they respect the past, and who also want to put together a more individualistic, creative look rather than throw on every tired fashion cliche the corporations advertise to them. Bring back glam rock clothing!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see the positive reaction to this photo. Teen Vogue is better than regular Vogue in every way.

Anonymous said...

Love the jacket what about the shoes

Anonymous said...