Sunday, August 7, 2016

Paving the way for smoother streets on 3rd Avenue

Crews started paving the roadway on Third Avenue/Cooper Square on Thursday... here's a look at the smoothness from Ninth Street to St. Mark's Place...break out the roller blades! Or roller skates! Or skateboards! Or illegal hoverboards!

There's still rough roadway south of Seventh Street ... this work is part of the ongoing Astor Place/Cooper Square Reconstruction Project.

The paving is expected to be complete in 2019.

Here's more on what's happening via the Reconstruction Newsletter (PDF!):

Anticipated Work Schedule:
July –September 2016
•Alamo Plaza: Re-install the “Alamo Cube” Sculpture.
Installing trees, shrubs, perennials and Furnishings.
•Subway Plaza: Planting/granite stone installation
•Lafayette, from Astor Pl. to E. 9th: Roadway reconstruction.
•Peter Cooper Park: Installing perennials/trash receptacles.
•Village Plaza: Installing additional skateboard deterrents,
new plants/perennials.
•Third Avenue, from E. 4th to E. 9th Streets: Roadway
•Mosaic Poles: Installing decorative light poles along Astor
Place. (not powered)
•E. 4th from Bowery to Second Ave: Installing bump-outs.
•Milling and Paving operations throughout project.



Will they class it up with patio furniture and a french fry kiosk? Or spray it with toxic varnish?? Will it light up and spin on its own??? The people demand answers! ;)

cmarrtyy said...

This morning when I walked along the subway island at Astor Place I noticed that the planters we made out of hard steel with sharp edges and pointed corners. I mean... How stupid and dangerous. It's not bad enough the overall design is wanting but the details are even worse.

Richard said...

I wish they'd put in those pedestrian safety islands at every intersection all the way up and down Third Avenue. I've been crossing that street for well over forty years and have never felt entirely safe while doing it.

Anonymous said...

Rumor was that Mud Truck owners were trying for a permanent kiosk fashioned out of the now sidelined trucks. But sure the midtown south neighborhood board wouldn't allow it.

Carol from E. 5th Street said...

Hooray for the paved avenue! It's been ages. Please continue further south pronto!

Anonymous said...

Skateboard deterrents? Fuck you. Skaters are part of Astor Place. Sick of this shit. I don't even skateboard but all this mommying and daddying is mad annoying.

Anonymous said...

The only 'sharp edges and pointed corners' are on the ends of the *seating* situated north and south of the Subway Plaza tree island. You'd have to be pretty agile to actually hurt yourself on them. The actual borders of *all* the planting spaces throughout the project are round steel pipes and all the corners where they meet are rounded, not sharp.