Friday, August 26, 2016

EV Grieve Etc.: Raphael Toledano's tenants come together; Feltman's is NYC's best hot dog

[Photo on 6th Street by Derek Berg]

Tenants sound off on notoriously shady landlord Raphael Toledano (Brick Underground)

Feltman's at Theatre 80 "is NYC's best hot dog" (Gothamist ... previously)

Haircuts, coffee and art at the Vacancy Project on East 10th Street (Sprudge ... previously)

A visit to Kingsley, "an inviting restaurant" on Avenue B (The Village Voice)

Corrupt lawmaker Sheldon Silver can remain free until appeal is heard (The New York Times)

Construction starts at the future home of the Essex Street Market (The Lo-Down)

Hawk action winds down in Tompkins Square Park (Laura Goggin Photography)

Man busted for alleged heroin deal on 14th Street and First Avenue (Town & Village, 2nd item)

NYU study offers some L train alternatives (Patch)

Interview with Tim Murphy, author of "Christodora" (B+B ... previously)

Retrospective devoted to Catalan filmmaker José Luis Guerín (Anthology Film Archives)

Lady Bunny's new show (The New Yorker)

Madonnathon at the Metrograph on Ludlow Street (Official site ... read our Q-and-A with "Desperately Seeking Susan" director Susan Seidelman here)

Black Flag at Maxwell's circa 1984 (Flaming Pablum)

Random diversions: When David Lynch did daily weather reports (Dangerous Minds)

...and ahead of the Chi Snack Shop debut in the former Mamoun's space at 22 St Mark's Place... the branded ATM shelter has arrived...

... and at 2 St. Mark's Place, the Greek restaurant that is opening in the St. Mark's Ale House space is hiring ...

[H/T Steven]


Anonymous said...

Papaya King is the city's best hotdog, Nathan's is second best. You could switch the two. Feltman's is for transplants, hipsters, and millenials i.e. people who automatically don't know what good NYC food is.

Seriously, Feltman's open their first location in Manhattan in 2016 and suddenly they're "the best hot dog in the city"? Johnny Come Latelies. PK and Nathan's have been holding it down for DECADES. What holds them back is unambitious owners as both could EASILY rule the hot dog cart scene if they got into it.

Anonymous said...

"... transplants, hipsters, and millenials i.e. people who..." are younger then me.

Just because something is old doesn't mean it's good. Look at how long water has been around, compared to how long Fiji water has been around.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

IMO Gray's is better than Papaya King. Papaya King has better juice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Papaya King has the best juice. I always get the Tropicana apple juice

Gojira said...

Fiji Water better than NY tap? Getouttahere. Cold NYC tap water on a hot day is the nectar of the gods, and it doesn't need to to flown and trucked tens of thousands of miles to get here.

I rest my case.

equilibrist said...

God, that Kingsley piece sounds just like a press release. And the purple prose--"when she gives herself a moment to bathe in those bathroom tiles..." (WTF does that even mean?)

The last mound of dirt was just shoveled on the grave of the Village Voice. RIP.