Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Report: Incoming condos for 13th Street and University Place will start at $6 million

Back in July we spotted the renderings for the new condoplex coming to University Place and 13th Street ... 6 residences above a retail space.

Curbed yesterday got the initial details on the pricing:

Prices on these apartments, which will each measure about 2,600 square feet, will start at a staggeringly high $6 million, though developers Ranger Properties and KD Sagamore Capital haven’t revealed more detailed pricing info beyond that or released info on the priciest pad in the building.

There's also a teaser site for the Morris Adjmi-designed building, which is officially 116 University Place.

The corner previously housed University Place Gourmet as well as several adjacent storefronts, including Bennie Louie Chinese Laundry.

Developer Ranger Properties paid $22 million for the lot, and closed down the businesses and moved out the residents

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Here's what's left of the block of University Place that once housed Bowlmor Lanes

[13th and University in June 2015]


Gojira said...

Now I know what real estate pornography looks like. And it's ugly as sh*t.

Anonymous said... where is my checkbook.
Seriously for that kind of money...wouldn't one prefer a townhouse?!

Anonymous said...

Aaaargh! I just bought for $2.3M. I should have waited and bought for more.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is disgusting. An excellent example of the Bloomberg-ification of New York. STARTING price is so far above what any normal working person could possibly pay.

But I guess we have to get used to our overlords taking whatever they want and desecrating any/every neighborhood by their very presence. They have no use for us "losers".

I wonder how long it will be before the owners in that building will want to privatize Union Square Park to control noise from gatherings & demonstrations?

Anonymous said...

As an alumni of The New School, I know this area quite well. I used to walk University every day for years. It is unrecognizable now and what is perhaps even more astonishing is actual rate of the condo. If I had 6 million dollars to spare, I'd be certain not to buy a place in that building or location. What is the matter with people? Are some willing to consider this insane amount?

I'd rather buy ocean front property with a pool, garage, a car, furniture, with money left over to travel, and invest. 6 million is a joke! It's time to consider leaving the city.

Anonymous said...

This isn't Park or Madison Ave. Who would consider paying 6 million dollars for this locale? The only people who can afford this are millionaires and billionaires. Bullshit. This city is for the uber rich. The rest of us who live here are fucked.

Anonymous said...

The race is on to park as much $ as possible in NYC real estate (and a few other cities around the globe). Six million isn't even mid-range for these people.

Brian said...

Who the hell has this kind of money for an apartment? That is all it is, an apartment, really. How can you explain this to people? What is is, $3000/sf?

Anonymous said...

That is one butt ugly building - and renderings tend to make buildings look nicer. Man what an eye-sore thing is gonna be!

Giovanni said...

Don't think of it as an ugly overpriced condo. Think of it as an ugly overpriced insane asylum for rich people.