Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cava Grill opens today on 4th Avenue

Back in May we noted that a Cava Grill was coming to Fourth Avenue between 13th Street and 14th Street. And now, the D.C.-based Greek-Mediterranean restaurant chain, which serves grain bowls, pita wraps and salads, opens its first NYC location today.

The Wall Street Journal had a brief preview yesterday:

“We want customers to have the ability to choose ingredients that fit their nutritional needs or dietary attributes,” said Cava Grill’s chief executive and co-founder Brett Schulman, adding that the average cost for lunch is about $10.

For its New York location, Cava Grill is hoping to keep things as local as possible, getting produce from Hudson Valley, Long Island and New Jersey farms.

The official opening is tomorrow (Friday). Cava is offering a free lunch today ... while encouraging diners to donate to Grow to Learn, an organization that helps NYC public schools set up gardens.

Cava sells various dips and spreads at retail outlets, such as the Whole Foods Market Union Square®.

The space here at 143 Fourth Ave. was previously Lan's Spa.

Cava Grill is the latest quick-serve restaurant to open along Fourth Avenue. PokéSpot debuted on Fourth Avenue and 12th Street on Aug. 12. And a Melt Shop is coming soon to 135 Fourth Ave.


g said...

Looks like the exact same cheap-ass storefront that's being put into the new wine store on Avenue A and so many other places - rolled blackened steel and lots of glass in an attempt to look "mod-run'. Individuality and imagination strike (out) again.

Anonymous said...

Hot damn. Like many, I waited in line, in the stifling heat and humidity, to take advantage of the free meal and drink. It took exactly an hour to place my order. One hour! The line wrapped around the corner of Walgreens on 14th. Toward the end of the never ending wait, when it seemed I was melting, I had a pang of regret, but once I interacted with the staff, who couldn't be more professional, I was blown by the sheer taste and quality of the meal. It truly is delicious and will be a warm and much needed welcome to our beloved neighborhood. Such a nice thing for them to do. Who gives away free meals to the strangers on the streets of NYC for hours? Quite a rarity. Check them out. Their menu is innovative and fun. Enjoy!

Michael Ivan said...

Okay 4:24 or cava grill pr person

Anonymous said...

She/he "pr person" turned average joe became delirious from the wait.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a little harder to locally source once the summer is over.

Anonymous said...

@4:34: You sound like the person who was so impressed by the freebies at Sweetgreens. Are you by any chance employed in the public relations field?

Anonymous said...

Another mall shop

Anonymous said...

Be nice, people.