Saturday, August 27, 2016

No, workers aren't dropping off the new Target store this morning on 14th and A

Big Crane Action is happening today on 14th Street and Avenue A... at the site of Extell Development's in-progress retail-residential plazaganza that will one day yield a Target flexible-format store.

Signs at the nearby MTA stop in Steiner East Village points to ConEd work...

Whatever! Just enjoy...

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DrBOP said...

Man, that last pic sure looks similiar to my morning condition after an evening of quaffing a few.....not so orange-eee though.


That's the size of appendage the Drumpfer thought the FatTrump statue should have's ALL in his mind, of course....but what the HELL isn't?


It IS quite like the Drumpf.....all shaft and no head!