Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Out East quietly announces itself on 6th Street

As previously reported, veteran restaurateur Peter Kane (Bowery Meat Company, Stanton Social, Essex & Beauty, etc.) is one of the applicants behind a new project in the works for 509 E. Sixth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B.

The venture, serving "new American cuisine," is called Out East, which has been added to the front door here...

CB3 OK'd a liquor license for the space last month. The paperwork (PDF) filed at the CB3 website ahead of the meeting revealed a fairly large establishment — a two-level restaurant space with 38 tables for 104 diners plus two small bars seating 16 people total.

Here's what CB3 had to say about the applicant via the official July meeting notes:

Community Board 3 is approving this application for a full on-premises liquor license although this is a location in an area with numerous full on-premises liquor licenses because 1) this applicant has experience operating numerous licensed businesses without complaints within this community board district, 2) the applicant has demonstrated support for this application, in that it has furnished fifty-two (52) signatures from area residents in support of its application, and 3) there is an existing restaurant at this location with a full on-premises liquor license.

Well, there isn't an existing restaurant at this location. The space is empty. The last full-time tenant here was Kion Dining Lounge maybe about seven years ago. As far as we can recall, the last tenant here was a pop-up bar from the folks behind the Buenos Aires Restaurant during the 2014 World Cup.


J said...

I like their logo. I'll give them that.

Anonymous said...

Serious question:

What East Village restaurant/s would Patrick Bateman dine at?

Anonymous said...

The approval is fucking bullshit. This guys "restaurants' are also clubs that serve the most annoying, touristy, bridge and tunnel, Uber and idling car obsessed douchebags. Terrible discretion here, CB3, and I'm usually pro liquor/nightlife when it's fit.

Anonymous said...

I hope Chris Santos isn't involved...who is the chef?