Thursday, September 11, 2014

Construction watch: 277 E. Seventh St.

On Tuesday, we checked in on the progress of the 9-story residential building going up on East Eighth Street at Avenue D... today we'll head a block south to see about 277 E. Seventh St., a six-floor, six-unit residence rising from a former parking lot near D.

As Curbed noted last summer, there are five 1,200-square-foot two-bedroom, two-bathroom homes — two of which have private rooftop decks. The sixth unit is a 900-square-foot ground-level apartment, which has a private garden.

The interiors will feature wide plank floors, white lacquered kitchen cabinetry, Caesarstone counters — that kind of thing.

Seems as if construction has taken awhile here. The original estimates called for a spring-time completion. But, you know.

Here's what an EVG commenter had to say about No. 277 the other day:

"[The work] has been excruciatingly slow and loud. It's been well over a year now of construction noise and workers shouting starting at 7 am Monday through Saturday, and they still have a long way to go. As neighbors who have to work late, it's been a huge disruption to our lives."

Here's a look at the rendering...

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blue glass said...

i do not understand why construction workers are so loud. they work fairly close to each other in a contained space (air shaft, roof, whatever) and like the drunks on the street at 4am laugh and yell to each other as if they were miles apart.

nygrump said...

the noise tax inflicted on the residents -

Anonymous said...

They have to get up early for work and therefore want the rest of us to know that.

I lived next door to a construction site a few years ago. Every Saturday morning there was loud obnoxious noise (throwing metal stuff into trucks from three floors up, yelling from the roof to the sidewalk 6 floors below, etc.) from 801 until 830 or 9. And then once everyone else had been woken up in sympathy with the poor construction guys, no more noise.

Anonymous said...

This construction is unreal. They start LOUD at exactly 7am every day. I'm n sure what exactly they're doing that takes so long with such little progress.

I think they might actually be building their own powertools to use.

Anonymous said...

That is so true! The worst of the noise (yelling, banging, throwing things off high floors) starts right at 7am and lasts until 8:30 or so. The rest of the day, the guys are mostly looking at their cell phones.