Friday, February 20, 2015

2 storefronts for rent at 42 Avenue B

Just noting that both retail spaces are for rent at 42 Avenue B between East Third Street and East Fourth.

The storefront on the left has been vacant since Coyi Cafe quietly closed here in January 2014. The storefront has a new broker now... Per the Sinvin listing, the asking rent is $6,995 a month for the 650-square-foot space (there is also a shared basement).

The north space became available when the former tenant, Shampoo Avenue B, moved down the block to 14 Avenue B last month ... and it has the same space and asking rent as next door.


Anonymous said...

The rent seems high for such a small space.

Anonymous said...

The rent IS high for such a small space. There are a ton of vacant spaces now cause of the idiot landlords. The reasonable landlords like mine have nice, long-running businesses and live their lives peacefully while still making a good buck!

Anonymous said...

This will be more common in coming months when no business will want to pay $8000 per month for 400 square foot store. The once hip neighborhood will be a shell of its former self thanks to landlords like these.