Tuesday, February 24, 2015

West Village-based jeweler Lori McLean relocating to the East Village

[Image via Google Street View]

Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks isn't the only shop making the move west to east.

After closing her West Village location last month courtesy of a rent hike, jeweler Lori McLean is reopening her eponymously named shop at 320 E. 11th St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue on Sunday.

In addition to her own handmade line of jewelry, the new space will offer a curated selection of small, handmade lines from independent artists, according to a news release that McLean sent us.

"More than anything, we’re just excited to be part of a creative community again," Lori explains, noting that astronomical rents in their previous West Village location had turned the neighborhood from vibrant and heavily trafficked to desolate save for the corporations who could afford it by the end of the shop’s ten-year lease. "So many great, small businesses had closed around us, almost all replaced by big-name, luxury brands, that by the time our landlord offered us a renewal that was double what we had been paying, it was a little easier to say 'No thanks.'"

So she and her team packed up and embarked on what they have deemed their “East Village Migration,” choosing the spot on 11th Street nestled among neighborhood favorites like Casey Rubber Stamps and the Pas De Deux/Odin duo. The new location will transform the store into what McLean, with over 20 years of experience under her belt, hopes will become "more like your neighborhood jeweler," of days gone-by.

With her studio space tucked in the back, she and her staff will offer what have now become rare services such as custom design work, and, through their Jewelry Hospital” repairs, engraving, plating, stone-setting and pearl stringing services, to name a few.


bayou said...

Good news. The store - including reasonable gift options - is charming. There has been a void since Little King decamped. Welcome!

Anonymous said...

And C'est Magnifique jeweler on E. 9th closed a few months ago too. Welcome, Lori.

When oh when will our elected officials realize they need to DO SOMETHING!?!?

Jill said...

They have lovely things in this store, glad to see they will survive, at least for now.

Scuba Diva said...

I'm looking forward to meeting Lori; several years ago, Joeb Ruzi the jeweler was on this block, after being in the theater building around the corner on 2nd avenue for over 25 years. (Previous to that, he had had a store in Beverly Hills called "Suppressed Desires.")

We really do need a neighborhood jeweler; welcome, Lori!

HippieChick said...

Oh, Ruzi! I have about a dozen of his wonderful pieces, some antique, some of his own design. So sorry when the shop closed...

Kabilyo said...

Yoav Ruzi was my uncle. I worked in his shop when he was on 2nd Avenue, as did my mother and another uncle.