Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Enjoying the classics with Lou Reed

In case you haven't heard this interview making the rounds the last day or two… PBS released another interview in its Blank on Blank series, this time with a conversation with Lou Reed from 1987… where he puts down everyone from the Doors ("What I mean by 'stupid,' I mean, like, the Doors") and the Beatles ("I never liked the Beatles … I thought they were garbage").

And who did he like?

"I liked nobody."

H/T Dangerous Minds


Anonymous said...

Lou Reed belongs in the Museum of the Over-Rated.

Anonymous said...

Classic Lou Reed. I love that asshole!

Anonymous said...

I refuse to believe that Lou really meant that stuff about the Beatles. Prefer to think that he was just in a mood that day and not having any of it.

Naranja said...

No, just an asshole.