Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Officially down to 1 2 Bros. on St. Mark's Place

Workers have stripped away the remaining evidence of the $1.50 2 Bros. Pizza at 36 St. Mark's Place.

The low-budget, low-taste pizzeria quietly closed at the end of January. The $1 2 Bros. a few storefronts away at No. 32 between Second Avenue and Third Avenue remains in business.

This marks the second of the three East Village 2 Bros. to close. The location on First Avenue near East 14th Street abruptly shut down last summer.

Meanwhile, this is the third business on the south side of this block to close in recent weeks … joining the Pinkberry and Hanjoo.

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The $1.50 2 Bros. on St. Mark's Place has apparently closed


Anonymous said...

Two down one to go.

The East Village blows for pizza.

Go to Ben's Pizzeria at MacDougal and W.3rd Streets for a better slice than any of the slop east of Broadway.

Anonymous said...

1 down
1 to go

If we can eliminate all of the crappy $1 pizza options, then I could finally make it down the block without being harassed by the same people 5 times a day for a $1!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss the wonderful & delicious (& short-lived) South Brooklyn Pizza on First Ave! Damn, that was good. Yummy pizza, with pots of garlic bulbs on the side, and the counterman talking about the mob still running the Brooklyn docks.

Anonymous said...

Oh no bro!