Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Milk and Hops looks to be opening soon on Broadway

The sign went up Sunday at 779 Broadway near East Ninth Street for Milk and Hops, the incoming cafe/market from the folks behind Astoria Bier & Cheese.

According to the shop's Facebook page: "Milk and Hops is a craft beer bottle shop, gourmet food store and grilled cheese place all in one."

A Craigslist help-wanted ad says "shifts starting as early as February 18th."

Thanks to EVG reader Shell Azar for the photos!

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Anonymous said...

This concept store is no doubt geared to the younguns who are working at 777 Broadway for FaceBook and AOL. I haven't seen crowds in the next door Starbucks owned Tea shop. Perhaps craft teas haven't yet caught on with the coffee drinkers who need to feel that their uniqueness as a customer is because a barista gave them the cup.