Saturday, February 14, 2015

Are the red-tailed hawks building a nest on the Tompkins Square Library?

[Photo from the other day in Tompkins Square Park by Bobby Williams]

As we noted earlier this week, red-tailed hawk parents Christo and Dora likely won't be able to build their nest on the Christodora House on Avenue B and East Ninth Street this year. So, they will need a new home for a nest.

To the EVG inbox this morning…

Sadly I don't have a photo, but I spotted a hawk, hopefully Christo or Dora, flying out of Tompkins with nesting materials in his talons. He was headed toward the library on East 10th between A and B and appeared to land in that general area. Maybe a new nest location on a building in the vicinity??

I guess we'll see!



Anonymous said...

smarts birds!


Anonymous said...

Damn snooty intelectual hawks!

Anonymous said...

Thankfully they have settled on a building which will leave them alone :)

Gojira said...

Ooh, if they make a nest on the roof I will be able to see them from my rear window! How cool would that be?