Monday, February 23, 2015

[Updated] Report: Man gunned down inside the Lillian Wald Houses on Avenue D

There are few details so far about a 33-year-old man who was shot and killed inside the Lillian Wald Houses at 20 Avenue D late this afternoon.

The NYPD hasn't released the man's name just yet.

Per the Post:

“He was a nice guy. He cared about his kids. I think he had two (children),” said eyewitness Jonathan Caraballo, 22, who lives in the housing complex where the fatal shooting took place.

Updated 8:16 p.m.

DNAinfo reports that the victim was shot and killed on the sidewalk.

Updated 8:30 a.m., Feb. 24

The Daily News reports this morning that the victim is Shemrod Isaac, who was shot three times in the chest outside a building following an argument.

NYPD sources gave the paper this description of the shooter: "a man in his 30s wearing a tan jacket, blue pants and multicolored hat."

The Daily News also reported that Isaac had a criminal record for unnamed drug charges and resisting arrest.

Updated 3:23 p.m.

DNAinfo has more information on Isaac, a rap singer who went by Sham Da God.

Isaac, 33, a father to a 6-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy, was walking through the Lillian Wald Houses at 20 Avenue D about 4:30 p.m. when he got into a dispute with someone who then shot him four times in the chest, according to the NYPD.

"He dropped his baby off and this happened a half-hour after. He gave his son a kiss and a hug. We told him to be careful," said the childrens' mother, Veronica Echevarria, 26.

"I tried calling him after, but someone else picked up the phone. He was gone," Echevarria added.

No one was immediately arrested in connection to his death and did not have any description of the suspect, an NYPD spokeswoman said.

Updated 7:41 p.m.

NYPD officials ID'd Shaquille Fuller (pictured below), 21, a resident of 60 Avenue D, as the suspect in the shooting.

Updated 2-26 1:28 p.m.

The NYPD has arrested Fuller this morning. Charges are pending, DNAinfo reports.


Anyone with information that could help in the investigation is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). You may also submit tips online.


Anonymous said...

Notice to the NY Housing Authority:

Put up turnstiles with guards to allow anyone into the welfare projects, which are violence-ridden.
Better still, take a page from Maggie's playbook and privatize them, which means allowing the occupants to own them. They would then be incentivized and presumably have the legal authority to evict the criminals.

It would also get them off the taxpayers' collective back.
A win-win all around.

Bill the libertarian anarchist

Giovanni said...

In other news, The Adele on Avenue D has just updated their tagline:

In a city where everyone is always going somewhere, you'll be dodging bullets from the housing projects across the street.

Anonymous said...

A surefire deterrent to crime is turnstiles. It's a known fact that criminals are terrified of turnstiles. Criminals see turnstiles and they're all "nope nope nope".

Anonymous said...

The kind of turnstiles that act as metal detectors. That is probably the most cost-effective way to reduce the number of guns in the projects.


Anonymous said...

During the warmer months, I will walk over to D, and make my way past the housing projects, to take a run at the East Side River park. I am always on edge when I go past. This is fucking scary.

Els said...

Privatizing and turnstiles wont help at all. We who live/lived in NYCHA are ingenious about bypassing their shitty security system. I only remember the locks downstairs really "working" for 3 months at most before a wide-spread system for breaking in was discovered by the residents. A spare main door key is 15 dollars; I would personally just by a gram of schwag instead.

The person was most likely ambushed anyway and I had a chat with the NYPD and they suspected it was an act of vengeance. Growing up in that building, I've seen tears shed over infidelity every now and then so I wouldn't be surprised if revenge was a factor.

I saw the thing happen. According to my panic text i heard three shots at 4:29 or 4:30. Its really sad that this kind of shit still happens with a luxury condo in the backdrop.

Anonymous said...

bill, you are probably the meanest and least compassionate person in the world. You must be terribly unhappy.

Anonymous said...

You people sound stupid, and you can be dodging bullets from the condos that took over the neighborhoods as well. Worried about the element the projects present? Stay the hell out of the neighborhood, just cuz buildings got renovated doesnt mean the hood is gone. Dumbasses keep making lite of reallife til it comes knocking at your door.

john penley said...

Young man with a young baby shot and killed on Ave D and without any details the EV Grieve rabble assumes criminal. I am waiting for some anonymous commenter to post drug dealer because why not people say it here all the time here from behind their anonymous fronts and probably many of those who say it use and buy drugs themselves. Sorry to hear this man who neighbors described as a good guy is dead and that his kid will grow up without a father. Yeah they are all criminals in the projects and don't worry the LES will not have them living there much longer and white peeps will be safe and can buy their drugs from NYU students.

Anonymous said...

Nobody told them to build a fucking luxury building at that location !

Anonymous said...

Isn't that taking away the right to bear arms ????!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so now people need metal detectors to go into their homes. I'm sure that'll go over well.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody told them to build a (blank)luxury building at that location." What project entitlement logic news flash middle class NYC residents are tired of funding the projects with their tax dollars. Forget what is being built without taxpayer dollars lets think about what needs to be demolished instead.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel anything for the people that move into the luxury apartments near the projects.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I've never heard of violence in LES outside of Ave D, I guess it's time to sell of this prime (taxpayer / city owned) land to the highest bidder so "Dubai on the East River" can become a reality.

Anonymous said...


I offered a solution, unlike you. What is not compassionate about that?


Why wouldn't privatizing these buildings work? After all, how many guns are there in private residential buildings in the EV or elsewhere? There never has been one in mine. Any in yours?

The problem is precisely that these projects are run by the unaccountable criminal tax-stealing organization known as the mc'gub'ment.
Why don't you move to Moscow, Havana, or Pyongyang if you think gub'ment is so great.

Bill the libertarian anarchist

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what john penley said.


Anonymous said...

"Its really sad that this kind of shit still happens with a luxury condo in the backdrop." I hope you're being sarcastic. This kind of shit shouldn't happen anywhere.

Trixie said...

He was gunned down on the public sidewalk, not in the building. So turnstiles, security measures, whatever, wouldn't have helped this poor soul. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Anonymous said...


The shooter disappeared into a project building on the FDR, according to the report. Same rules would apply to that one. The fact is that the shooter lives in a project and has a gun inside it.
If the projects weren't run by the commies in the gub'ment, that would imply that they were privately owned, possibly by the people who lived in them. They would then have real incentive to kick out the druggies and the gunnies.

Bill the anarchist and anti-commie

chris flash said...

AnonymASS 7:32 who said: "news flash middle class NYC residents are tired of funding the projects with their tax dollars":

WHY are tax dollars used to SUBSIDIZE construction of luxury apartment "projects" (aka yuppie ghettos) and WHY are developers who create those "projects" given tax ABATEMENTS whereby they pay NO real estate taxes for 10 years or longer?

I'm tired of corporate WELFARE for the wealthy at the expense of the community that the wealthy are encouraged and incentivized to invade!!

I'm also tired of hearing crap about trashing the poor who cannot compete or survive on the unlevel playing field that NYC has become.

Anonymous said...

Shit hsppens...sad shit. The suggestion of turn styles and privet ownership in the projects is ridiculous. As a white girl growing up in the alphabet I haven't seen rampant violence. Avenue D and the projects are mostly populated by honest law abiding citizens. Don't worry folks the projects will eventually become gentrified, and populated by yuppies.

Anonymous said...

Flash take economics 101 a tax credit is way different from a tax subsidy...a credit enables the investor to take a risk down the line the the property will pay the full tax property rate the subsidy on the other hand will still be a burden to the middle class taxpayer. Corporate welfare no it's a question of how much of a bit of the apple government gets of a corporations profits. "Yuppie Ghettos" now there is a phrase from the eighties these new buildings are occupied by tax paying citizens spending income in the neighborhood at shops and local businesses. Do you do the same I think not.

blue glass said...

doesn't matter whether you call it an abatement or a subsidy IT REDUCE TAXES!
and if you add up all the low-incone housing subsidies it would not equal the tax abatements to the rich.
statistics can be tricky.
two schmucks stealing $100 can sound like a bigger crime than one rich guy staling millions of dollars.
low-income "benefits" are not what is bankrupting our country.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, Mr Isaac. My condolences to his friends and family, especially his children.

les native said...

This guy is full of hatred.

les native said...

No, you are just afraid of poor people, most of the shootings are drug related

les native said...

Most of you sound like fucking yuppie racists who hate.poor people. Why did you even bother to come here. This blog is called ev grieve but is mostly trolls taunting us about this disrespect we suffer from the rich. Get fuckin real, more like EVLEAVE

Anonymous said...

So very sad. RIP to this man and his surviving children and family.

Anonymous said...

An abatement maybe the difference as to a construction project getting done or not and eventually on the tax rolls. Housing tax credits started in the Koch Administration primarily aimed at the outer boroughs. But subsidies go on forever low income housing started with La Guardia in the Depression meant to be a helping hand for five years for the poor not a life long entitlement handed down like a heirloom. These "Towers in the Park" are as undesirable today as the tenement slums they replaced sixty or seventy years ago. EV Grieve is a Village blog and should be open to all positions and philosophies wanting an expression. This city has high taxes to begin with knocking wealthy people, really to often I see project kids in 120 dollar Nikes, iphones and plenty of bling up to no good.One of these little monsters called my golden retriever a coyote and threatened to kick him a few months back. When I was a kid of little family means a five dollar pair of Keds was Christmas in July. Yes pity party for everyone waiting for the mailman and do nothing else to advance themselves.

chris flash said...

Anonymous 8:12:

I've seen PLENTY of apt construction projects for the wealthy practically BRAGGING about receiving funding from the city and state.

Your idea that developers need an "incentive" to build in NYC so as to avoid taking any "risk" is absurd. Not only is that untrue, if it was true, WHY are we taxpayers subsidizing housing projects for the wealthy?

On a level playing field, developers would take their chances just like any other investor without needing to be subsidized by the fucking city and state govt which are facilitating the rapid change in demographics we've seen over the past 20 years.

If it smells like bullshit and looks like bullshit, then it IS bullshit....

Anonymous said...

Flash the times they are changing hatred and envy of "wealthy" people really is an old song and dance. Following your logic of a level playing field then there is no need for rent stabilized units all units should be at market rate coorect. The 421 program comes up for renewal this year it does every few years adjustments are made as new economic conditions warrant them. Incentives when applied correctly are good public policy. What is moving the rapid change in demographics are free people making decisions despite the government.

Anonymous said...

EV LEAVE..a good play on words.