Friday, February 13, 2015

More about Taste Wine, coming soon to 50 Third Ave.

Back in December we noted that a new wine shop was in the works for 50 Third Ave. near East 10th Street.

Gary Landsman, the proprietor of the incoming Taste Wine, shared more information with us about the shop that he hopes to have up and running this spring.

About Taste Wine:

"The store will have a relatively small selection of wines. We don't think it makes sense to overwhelm people with choice — choosing which wine to buy can be difficult enough. We also intend to have a pretty comprehensive tasting program so people can try their wines much like we try on clothing. And we will have a wine tasting room in the back of the space where we will hold nightly and maybe even twice-per-night wine education/appreciation sessions."

About his background:

"From about 1999-2002, I was a part-time NYU business school student. I was trading stocks, and felt pretty empty inside. I got out and spent some time in the restaurant world where I fell in love with wine. Finally, in 2006, I sublet my apartment and went to Israel where I worked a harvest season at a small boutique winery in the Judean Hills. After the harvest, I went to Napa where I worked at a larger 'custom crush' facility through the winter.

I came back to NYC in 2007 and … I ended up getting a job in sales with a wine distributor … then after selling wine for a couple of years I was recruited by some new wine industry friends to help out with marketing for a wine importer/distributor.

But opening a place where consumers could comfortably find wine that suits them has been my dream for several years now. So I left my job at the end of 2013 and have been working on this project ever since."

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Taste Wine Co said...

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you more about the pending business EV Grieve! We really believe East Villagers are going to love the concept and the ability to TASTE their wines before buying them! If anyone has ever bought a bottle of wine & didn't like it Taste Wine Co is the place for you!
See you soon!!
Taste Wine Company

Walter said...

Good luck, guys. I will come by and get a couple of bottles on my way back from The Cheese Shop. I go out of my way to support small, locally owned businesses.

Taste Wine Co said...

Thanks Walter! We look forward to seeing you!!

Anonymous said...

Pardon me if this all sounds just a little "too precious." I'll maintain a wait and see: waits and see what sort of price range the wines come in at. Obviously a great Romanee Conti is beyond this neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

@9:37, Only because no one has any money left over after they've paid their inflated rents.

Taste Wine Co said...

If anyone wants to hear more about Taste or come out & support this local business we'll be at the store (50 3rd Ave) tomorrow (Wednesday 2/18) from about 2pm-7pm. We will be there giving out hot chocolate & other goodies (sadly the liquor authority won't let us give away wine...yet). We will also be gathering signatures in support of the store to present to the State Liquor Authority. Hope to see you there!!