Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bar wars: Maybe McSorley's isn't the oldest tavern in the city?

Missed this item from earlier in the week… when news came out via the Daily News that Richard Hourahan of the Queens Historical Society unveiled research showing that Neirs Tavern in Woodhaven opened in 1829, almost 30 years before McSorley's on East Seventh Street near Cooper Square … making it the oldest bar in the city.

And what does the current holder of the oldest-bar-in-the-city title, McSorley's, who just celebrated Birthday No. 161, have to say about this? Here's what manager Gregory de la Haba told the News:

"McSorley's is the oldest continuously operating bar in New York City, and it’s the most authentic — hands down. What you are looking for is authenticity and not age.

"It's a fine bar," he said of Neir's. "So is the White Horse and Fanelli's and P.J. Clarke's. It’s not easy making a go of it in this city."

As for Neir's, Mae West allegedly first performed there … it's also known for this scene from "GoodFellas" …


Anonymous said...

maybe so, but mcsorley's smells like the oldest. and looks it, too.

the other bars might qualify for 'oldest bar that is still operating on the same site as it originally was but has been cleaned up and revamped in the meantime' category.


Anonymous said...

how about the 'bar with the same name for like, almost forever' category.?


Walter said...

Who gives a flying fuck. McSorley's stinks, too. Just wait until March 17th, when the lines of little douche bags being bused into the neighborhood from god knows where stretch around the corner onto 3rd Avenue. I was at McSorleys exactly almost 40 years of living in the neighborhood. I left when I noticed 2 inches of dust on most of the furnishings. Well, your mileage may vary.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Mr. de la Haba does not understand the meaning of "oldest" if he says people should be looking for "authenticity" and not "age"! Because age would actually be THE defining item in this case.

McSorley's is nothing to write home about on any level.

Anonymous said...