Monday, June 8, 2015

Action in the pits and new renderings along East 14th Street

[Drill team at 524 E. 14th St.]

There is lots of drilling and digging going on at the dual construction sites of 524 E. 14th St. and 500 E. 14th St., where the incoming residential-retail developments will feature 150 apartments and more than 56,000-square-feet of retail between Avenue A and Avenue B.

[Inside No. 524]

[A view of No. 500]

[View of No. 500 via an EVG reader]

There are also new renderings up on the plywood now… showing No. 524 …

… and No. 500 …

The renderings are pretty close to the images that have been associated with Extell's development since October 2013

[Rendering of 500 E. 14th St. via RKF]

[Rendering of 524 E. 14th St. via RKF]

According to signage at the scene, Janauary 2017 is the anticipated completion date.

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1st activity at 500 E. 14th St. since the demolition phase, and when the standing water froze


Anonymous said...

No need to wait for the next hurricane, its already flooding. Did they uncover an old pond or water table?

DrBOP said...


WHAT the HELL is with these dickty mf's developers....besides being money-addled neighborhood-killers....can't ANYONE design a fuckin' building that doesn't remind 'ya of a Russian Gulag Administration Centre. FUCK, my DEAD brother could design something better than this CRAP!

Note : This toned-down comment is brought to you by the self-censored comment about the previous post whereby Mr Steinfuck and his cronies in that SICKENING "stand-around with our thumbs up our butts TINGLING with greed tremors" pic were clinically compared to donkey dicks.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:55 -- The surface elevation isn't much higher than Mean High Water, so the water table is pretty close to the ground surface around here. All work for a normal height basement these days requires some kind of dewatering arrangement. The old cellars are so shallow as they generally built the foundations and slabs above the groundwater table.

Anonymous said...

There is an underground stream or river that runs along this area.

Anonymous said...

I've seen old maps of this area and the geology was marshes east of ave B in the 1600 and early 1700's. There were streams and a natural spring near Ave C near the police precinct. It is hard to image that Manhattan was every anything but concrete and pavement but natural forces still lurked especially in the non-bedrock parts of the island.

Gojira said...

Simply hideous, a veritable assault on the eyeballs. DrBOP is being kind.

Anonymous said...

Wait until the bodies start bursting up through the floors!

Matthew has 2 T's, dumbass said...

thats quite a bit of retail…scary….lets just hope they put a decent grocery store in !

Anonymous said...

Guess running the L through the marshland is out of the question... I'd be curious to know how RFK will handle the lack of transportation when pitching this space.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Stuy Dorms can put all of there sex offenders in there?