Sunday, June 7, 2015

East Village Cheese makes move to 7th Street official

As we reported on May 27, East Village Cheese was going to relocate this summer to East Seventh Street.

There's now a sign up at the shop at 40 Third Ave. between East Ninth Street and East 10th Street with a few more details on the relocation…

Their current lease expires at the end of July. In January, we heard that the Duane Reade on Third Avenue at East 10th Street was going to expand into adjacent storefronts on that block, forcing out several businesses, including East Village Cheese and Excel Custom Framing. (Excel has found a new home on Third Avenue, which we will write about in a separate post.)

The Cheese shop owners had considered a move to Avenue A and East 13th Street, though that plan never materialized.

The new East Village Cheese will be at 80 East Seventh St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue, which was the former home of Warwick and Framus Custom Shop.

H/T East Village Eats

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[Updated] Confirmed: East Village Cheese will be moving to Avenue A later this year


Giovanni said...

Who moved my cheese? Duane Reade, that's who. Now that Duane Reade (owned by Walgreens) has started behaving like the big chain store montster it has become, I have decided to never buy anything from them ever again. And their prices really suck so I'm also saving money. I'm sure they will miss me as much as I miss them.

Anonymous said...

From custom guitars to bargain cheese. That's some range.

Anonymous said...

FYI there's a mom 'n' pop pharmacy on the corner of 3rd st and Ave A for those who don't want to give their money to corporate pigs Duane Reade.

Michael said...

There are plenty of options in the neighb and beyond to avoid DR and pal

Walter said...

The only place I patronize:

Anonymous said...

this cheese store was pretty meh last time i went in...

MarkyMarc said...

Note to anonymous:
East Village Cheese is an Institution.
It cannot be measured by a single visit.
The selection waxes and wanes given availability.
The cheeses are often extremely obscure but where else can you find so much cheese for less than $6 a pound ?????

Anonymous said...

East Village Cheese is not just an institution, it's a sanctum sanctorum.

Jean Standish said...

East Village Cheese is a neighborhood icon. Duane Reade's move is symbolic of corporate greed--the displacemnt of small community businesses.

Eric said...

Does anyone know when the new store opens?

Unknown said...

Is there any word on the reopening of East Village Cheese?

Riley Kellogg said...

East Village Cheese has been open in their new location for some time now. Yes! One rare example of a small neighborhood store forced out by a large chain that came back. Current info:
Address: 80 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003
Phone:(212) 477-2601
Wednesday 8:30AM–6:30PM
Thursday 8:30AM–6:30PM
Friday 8:30AM–6:30PM
Saturday 8:30AM–6PM
Sunday 8:30AM–6PM
Monday 8:30AM–6:30PM
Tuesday 8:30AM–6:30PM