Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bright Horizons bringing child care to EVGB

Construction continues at 524 E. 14th St. in the retail spaces at EVGB, the newish residential complex between Avenue A and Avenue B.

Posted permits note that the work is for a day care center ...

Updated: Paperwork shows that this will be another outpost of Bright Horizons, one of the country's largest child-care providers. (H/T Upper West Sider!)

This is the first retail tenant for this address...

The day care center joins Target, which opened in EVGB's corner spot at Avenue A last summer.

According to listings at Newmark Knight Frank, these storefronts are part of what's being billed as "the East Village's most dynamic block."

There's another storefront for lease next to the day care center at No. 524. There's also the space directly adjacent to the Target in the building at No. 500.

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Anonymous said...

I live across from here. It most definitely ain't the EV's most dynamic block. IMO.

Gojira said...

This *used* to be a dynamic block, with a number of small shops offering various services. I remember Stuyvesant Grocery, Pete's-a-Place, a small Chinese-owned jewelry store, ABC Animal Hospital, Bargain Bazaar, Blarney Cove, Charlie's, Rainbow Clothing Center, and a Singapore restaurant whose name I can't recall. And now? Walking the majority of it is an exercise in sterility, as one passes mostly ugly monoliths with huge ground floor spaces that have the all the warmth and appeal of an iced dog turd.